Hem would be proud.

Throw on the Costa Del Mar Permit Polarized Sunglasses, jump in your boat, and head out to find your record-breaker. The polarized Costa 580 lenses resist scratches and enhance clarity without feeling heavy, while the stainless-steel hinges scoff at saltwater spray and keep the glasses on your face when you’re setting your lines. Three beveled slots on each side of the frame keep the Permit shades from fogging up when you’re pulling so you can see trophy come over the stern.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Permit - 580G - Review

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I purchased the Permit with 580G silver mirror tint lenses a couple of months back and have overall been very impressed. I had heard plenty of good things about the Costa products - and have had other polarized glasses with poly lenses before (smith/spy). Those sunglasses were nice, and I still use them occasionally - especially when doing active things where there is more risk of damage than normal.

That said, what was important to me in purchasing my next pair of glasses was 1) fit, 2) optics quality 3)look 4)durability (I'm very careful with my gear - so this sometimes takes a backseat when looking at priorities - not to say they aren't durable.)

First impressions were good - I like the weight/feel/construction of the sunglasses - is the glass heavier than poly - sure, a little. Do I notice it - no. Is it uncomfortable - no? The fit is 'extra large' which I feel is perfect for my 'medium' size head. I definitely do not have a large head - I would say average - and I wanted a large fit for full coverage. The permits are great because they are big, without being oversized to the point of looking bug eyed. They also wrap around very nicely compared to some other large or x-large styles that extend straight out beyond the curvature of the face. The rubber grips are a really nice feature - they feel very secure on the face - I use a strap occasionally still, but even without they are awesome.

Lens optics are amazing. The silver mirror (which has the copper lens as a base) took some getting used to for me because I was very familiar with more standard dark grey type lenses. After letting the eyes adjust initially - and after using them consistently I can say that they are definitely much more optically pure than my previous poly lenses - super clear. Not too dark, but blocking enough light on bright days too. I really like the lenses.

Looks are subjective - my gf likes them.

Durability-time will tell. Hinges, lens mounting, finish seem durable.

Costa Del Mar Permit Polarized

My Costa Del Mar Experience

    Bought a pair of Cost Del Mar sunglasses with 400 polarized glass lenses. The literature speaks of how a steel ball is dropped ten times from over four feet and the lens will not be damaged. My experience with the new glasses is I dropped them on the kitchen floor from less than four feet and they shattered. I am just glad they were not on my face when that happened. I sent them in and they would not warranty. replacement of lens was quoted more than price of glasses new. I have had five pairs of Maui Jims, many revo's etc. This has never happened when they were dropped. No thanks Costa.
    Pismo Beach CA.

    what are 580p lenses , glass or plastic?Write...

    what are 580p lenses , glass or plastic?Write your question here...

    The 580p are polycarbonate lenses and the 580g are the glass lenses. The polycarbonate lenses are lighter and thinner but scratch much more easily. The glass lenses are heavier but denser and very scratch resistant.

    Costa Del Mar Permit 580

      I bought a pair of Costa Permit 580 lenses ( blue mirror), In the store they felt great. Fishing with them is another story. Dont let the vents fool you, they still fog up very easy especially in South Florida where I live and fish. Dont get me wrong they are one of the best looking pairs of Costas, but they are heavy and they deffinitly do fog up, I have to constanly pull them away from my face to let the fog clear. I would reccomend them in the winter time but in the summer they are very irritating...

      Do you think they would perform better in Michigan? What do you think about the Harpoons?

      I couldn't agree more! They fog up all the fricken time and living in Michigan won't help because I live in Minnesota and they fog up year round! Great sunglasses otherwise.

      great glasses

        I've had these shades for almost a year and sometimes I forget what the world looks like without them on. They are comfy and they fit my big head perfectly. The polarized lens really help in many situations, such as fishing on a lake, stream, or ocean. They even help when driving into the sun. I like the 580 lens over the 450 lens. I've had both. Buy these glasses or any costa del mar sun glasses if you want a quality pair that will last a very long time.

        Costa Del Mar Permit Polarized Sunglasses in included Hard Case.

        The Costa Del Mar Permit Sunglasses come in a nice hard case that keeps the glasses protected without being bulky. These are the Shiny Tortoise with Green Mirrored 580 Glass Lenses.

        Costa Del Mar Permit Polarized Sunglasses in included Hard Case.

        can i purchase the black case alone?