First of its kind.

Apart from avalanches, trying to stick dirty skins to your skis might be the most frustrating part with backcountry touring. Contour sought to fix that issue by making the Hybrid Variocut Universal Skin's adhesive backing washable so you don't have to re-glue or buy new skins every time you accidentally drop your pair in the dirt. Warm water and mild detergent can bring the skin's adhesive back to its original sticky self, which isn't so sticky that you have to pry the skin off your ski with a crowbar. A blend of mohair and synthetic give most skins an excellent balance of grip and glide on the skin track, but this skin has a bit more mohair for enhanced glide. The tip and tail attachments are compatible with any ski you want, as long as the ski isn't longer than 195cm, and the tip is detached so you can cut and size the skin specifically for your ski. The skin comes with a kit with everything you need to size the skin to your ski.

  • Climbing skin for backcountry skiing made with new adhesive
  • Mohair blend balances grip and glide, with a bias for glide
  • Unique two-layer construction lets you wash dirt off the glue
  • Tip and tail attachments assure universal compatibility
  • Cut the length and size to fit your ski specifically
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