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Continental - Grand Prix 5000 TL Tire - Tubeless

Continental Grand Prix 5000 TL Tire - Tubeless

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    • Black, 32mm, Black Chili
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    Tech Specs

    Black Chili
    700c x 25mm, 700c x 28mm, 700c x 32mm
    Vectran breaker
    [700c x 25mm] 80 - 109, [700c x 28mm] 65 - 94, [700c x 32mm] 65 - 87
    Claimed Weight:
    [700c x 25mm] 10.4oz (295g), [700c x 28mm] 11.1oz (315g), [700c x 32mm] 13.2oz (375g)
    Recommended Use:
    road cycling, triathlon
    Manufacturer Warranty:

    Grand Prix 5000 TL Tire

    We're simply spoiled with using tubeless tires in all of our cycling disciplines and have come to enjoy the ability to run lower pressures for improved grip, comfort, and less rolling resistance. So, when we heard Continental was revamping its GP4000, a tire so universally loved as a competition-worthy tire in terms of weight, grip, and rolling resistance, but durable enough to fend off debris and with the ability to rack up some miles before it began to square off, we wondered if a tubeless version would launch. Thankfully, it did and the Grand Prix 5000 TL Tire gives you the ability to ride faster, with more comfort, and with increased puncture protection compared to its standard clincher version.

    As Conti's first tubeless road tire to market, it uses tubeless technology specifically designed for the demands of road cycling and made sure to make it easy to install and reliable on the road. A key component to this is its careful attention to the tubeless bead that's specifically developed to seal with its unique shape and stable fit on the rim. The seal is complete with the usage of sealant which has the added benefit of plugging up most puncture induced flats you might come across on your ride.

    This tubeless version continues to use Black Chili to balance the attributes it's after. The rubber compound is critical because it defines the tire's grip, rolling resistance, and longevity. The complex compound technology is so exclusive that Conti only manufactures tires using Black Chili compound in its Korbach, Germany plant. The tiny size of Black Chili particles allows them to mold to variable road surfaces more readily. It gives the tire greater ability to conform to imperfections in the road surface for excellent grip in demanding situations, such as high-speed cornering, while also reducing rolling resistance.

    • Conti's first road tubeless tire
    • Compound reduces rolling resistance and increases grip
    • Active Comfort Technology lessens vibrations for a smooth ride
    • Vectran breaker technology reduces puncture risk
    • Lazer Grip etching improves cornering traction
    • Conti's GP5000 TL sets a new standard in road tubeless dominance
    • Only compatible with hooked rims

    Nice ride, tight fit

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times
    • Fit: True to size
    • Size Bought: 32 x 700c

    My road tires for past 7 years have been the Schwalbe One followed by the Pro One and most recently the Pro One TLE, various widths. In addition I ride Schwalbe G One Speed in various sizes. But for this summer I wanted a fast 32mm road tire for a set of 22x622 Fulcrum rims. The Schwalbe in this size is on their website but not available for sale.

    So I purchased the 32mm GP 5000 TL. It's a very fast and comfortable tire. On 22mm internal width rims when initially inflated to 60 psi they measured 31mm. Over the next 48 hrs they expanded and stabilized at 32.5mm.

    However be warned that the 5000 TL is hard to mount. I only succeeded by deploying the recently released Schwalbe levers which lock the beads in place as more bead is lifted over the rim. I don't think Continental has fine tuned their beads as well as has Schwalbe. For this reason I withheld the 5th star and still hope the Pro One TLE will appear in 32mm.

    durable and long lasting race tire

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Went tubeless with this and man these tires lasted me like 2500 plus miles....very puncture resistant tubeless tire GP 5000 TL's are....i hit something huge which is very rare and the the gash was larger than 1/4 inch so sealant could not seal it BUT that rare blowout can happen to anyone....but if you want a durable puncture resistant TL tire that last long and performs well this is the one you need!

    GP5000… but tubeless

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times
    • Fit: Runs small

    Been riding GP4000 or 5000 for years and always have been a great, fast rolling tire for me. Moving over to the tubeless version I was a little concerned based on the horror stories of tight fits but this is either very rim dependent or perhaps more of a problem on certain tire sizes. Either way, installation of 32mm’s on to my Vision SC40 wheels (19mm internal width) was easy enough. Went on by hand with no tools, seated first time with a hand pump (albeit with tubeless charge chamber). As always I lubed the bead with some dish soap, no other tricks required. Your mileage may vary, but for me the install was no problem.

    Tires measure a little small at about 31mm, but that is expected with relatively narrow internal rim width.

    Simply Awesome

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit: True to size
    • Size Bought: 32mm x 700

    First set of Continentals. First set of road racing tires. Had them paired with a set of Reynolds AR41x (thanks Competitive Cyclist!) and the difference on them vs my gravel wheelset was night and day. I was able to mount both front/rear easily: getting almost all of both beads on completely by hand, just using a Crank Bros lever for the last 2-3" of bead. They sealed right up using a standard floor pump. Had very little seepage and have been easy to maintain.

    Rolling resistance was exponentially less and riding around on the roads they were at least 1-2mph faster with the same effort on every nearby segment. Given the compound and how plush the 32mm felt, I can't really complain about the longevity but the puncture resistance and performance of them have already made me a repeat buyer - ordering spares just to have extras on hand since they seem to be out of stock often. The rear wear indicator on mine was nearly gone after roughly 1000 miles, replaced due to a pretty decent sized glass shard going through it.


    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Yes, these tires are extremely hard to mount. You will need plastic (key word-plastic) tire levers so you don't damage your carbon rims. Otherwise it is impossible. However, once on I seated the 25mm in 2 seconds using an Air Shot. I add sealant after they are seated. Zero leak of sealant anywhere. Rolling is blazing fast and so comfortable I am a tubeless convert.

    BTW, I went from a GP5000 clincher with Michelin ultra-light tube to the GP5000 TL. Both in 25mm. There is 100% a big difference in speed and comfort. Prepare the mount correctly and you will be fine. Better hard to mount than this rolling off your rim.

    32mm were very easy to mount

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
    • Fit: True to size
    • Size Bought: 32mm x 700

    I just mounted my set of 32mm GP5000's tubeless on the Bontrager 19mm internal diameter aluminum rims from my 2021 Trek Checkpoint. First, I added two layers of Stan's rim tape. Then, I seated them with a Crank Brothers Speedier Tire Lever (the double-ended one with the knuckle grip). I inflated the tire with my standard floor pump to 60 pounds and they were seated. Now, with 1.5oz of Stan's sealant added through the valve they are holding air well.

    I'm wondering if others' mounting issues are because of different widths of this tire, or different rim shapes? Not all tubeless rims are created equal, and some older designs made seating the tires super difficult. My old Bontrager mountain bike wheels, for example, used these rubber pieces that covered the spoke bed instead of tubeless tape, and the tire breads would bind on them rather than sliding easily outward. Tubeless tape is intentionally non-stick on the outside so the bead can move out to the rim walls when you inflate them.

    Very difficult to mount.

    • Size Bought: 25mm

    I bought a pair of GP 5000 tl 25mm to mount on my Campy Shamal 2-way rims. These tires replaced a set of Hutchinsons that I could easily mount by hand.

    It took 3 days to mount these tires! After Soapy water and 3 broken tire levers, I ordered a bead jack from Amazon, and finally got the tires on.

    Inflation/seating went OK (Blackburn chamber pump), but the air leaks out in just a couple of hours. I’ve reseated a couple of times, but they still leak. It seems the tire bead profile is so thick and stiff that it’s not really fitting in the rim bead.

    Fast and comfortable

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Size Bought: 700x28

    I ride bone breaking, crappy pavement which is every bit as unpleasant as the pavé when I lived in Europe. These tires in 700x28 add considerable comfort and speed vs Victoria and other non-tubeless tires which I have tried. Even on stiff wheels like the Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon DB, these tires make the bike more comfortable than my old Zipp 202s or my gravel bike (HED Emporia + Continental Terra Speed). Plus, traction and speed are among the best. I run these at 70/65 psi for rear/front and weigh about 183 lbs. I cannot comment on traction in the rain because that doesn’t seem to happen any more in Northern California....

    Fastest + Longest Wearing

      I ride these on my Campagnolo rims. The rims are notoriously difficult for mounting any tire. The 5000 TL tires are notorious for being a tight fit on any rim. But given the right technique (check out my video: warm-up the tire; use plenty of soap water) the fit is a non-issue.

      On the road, they have the lowest rolling resistance of any tire I’ve ridden. The cornering is aggressive in that they tend to dive into the corner, which is great if you like aggressive cornering, but otherwise can be disconcerting until you adjust.

      They are long-wearing, maintaining their shape to the very end. Plus, they’re puncture resistant. I’ve not had a single puncture in over 3,000 miles of riding across two sets of tires.

      For a high performance tubeless road tire, I can’t speak highly enough.

      Hard to mount, but a great ride

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times
      • Fit: Runs small
      • Size Bought: 700x32

      I needed a friend to help mount. Warmed in the sun and some soapy water made it possible for the two of us to mount them in 5-10 min. Very tight fit for sure.
      The ride is amazing. Smooth and fast. I ran 65 psi (180 lbs rider) on a route that I have ridden dozens of times and averaged 1-2 mph faster than the Michelin tube tires I had on my rims before going tubeless. Well worth the cost and difficulty of mounting these tires.

      Tubeless shouldn't be this difficult

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
      • Fit: True to size
      • Size Bought: 25mm

      Bought these to replace worn GP 4000s clinchers, which I have ridden for many years without issue. My wheels are Rolf Vigor Polished. Mounting the GP 5000 TL to these rims was, simply, a bitch. I'm no rookie and this was the most frustrating mounting effort I've ever experienced. So difficult, in fact, it took two tire levers and over 30 minutes to mount both tires. Sure, they seated up easily with a frame pump and again after adding sealant. But now I dread the eventual flat tire, since getting these tires off and a tube in and re-mounted will be a major pain in the butt....somewhere on the roadside. So, for that reason - mounting difficulty - I do not recommned these tires, despite their ride comfort and durability. For the record, I bought these at a competitor for a lower price, but have also been a long time customer of CC and feel strongly that these tires are poorly designed.

      Agree completely. I had mine installed at the local bike shop and it took two mechanics using bead jacks 20 minutes to get the front tire on. No way I would ever get a tube in that tire if I have a flat out on the road. I carry a plug kit. If that doesn't fix it, then I will limp home on the flat tire. It shouldn't be this way. Love the tire - hate the nearly impossible install. (Mavic carbon fiber rims)

      Fast rolling and comfy tires!

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times
      • Fit: True to size

      These are really fast and comfy tires! I have them in 32 mm mounted on Bontrager Aeolus 3V rims (25 mm inner rim width). I have used the Bontrager TLR rim strip and Milkit valves with Orange Seal sealant. These are my first set of tubeless tires, and reading all the stories about how hard these tires are to mount, I was a bit worried initially. I have used these tricks:

      1) unpack the tires and let them lie unfolded for a couple of days before I mounted them on;
      2) the day I mounted them I let them lie out in the sun for another hour;
      3) make sure the bead sits in the middle ridge and massage the already seated part of the tire as I seated the rest;
      4) soapy water on the beads to make them slide easily (TBH, this made them so slippery that they kept popping off the rim before I could seat the rest of the tire so I had to clean it back again...);
      5) final push with Pedro's tire levers.

      In the end, it took maybe 5 mins to mount it, not too much harder than some clincher tires I had used before. I haven't done a scientific test to see which of the steps above had the most impact but it was definitely not what I feared.

      On to the ride, these are simply great! I have previous experience with Continental GP 4000s, and these seem to be just flying on smooth tarmac. Bad roads don't feel that bad at all. I will see how long these tires last, but so far definitely highly recommended!

      I agree they are a very good tire but depending on the particular rim and tire tolerances some are an absolute bear to install. You might have been fortunate to get a couple tires that were on the 'loose' side. I have had some that almost made it on with hands and then there were some that needed a clamp to hold the bead on one side while practically breaking a tire lever in two for the final bit. That loud, audible ping lets you know just how tight these tires can be.

      Disappointed in Continental Support

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times
      • Fit: True to size
      • Size Bought: 25mm

      I bought and installed two 25mm this spring. I was very happy with them with respect to the low rolling resistance, ride comfort, cornering, and general feel. However... this week, after riding them for approximately 1500 miles, I noticed a cut/tear in the sidewall, which allowed the softer rubber interior material to bulge out (in the attached photo I understand it appears as though a tube is protruding thru the sidewall, but this tire has no tube in it). As it did not look safe, I reduced the pressure to 40# to get one more ride in before I could replace it, and it held, but it certainly does appear that a normal operating pressure of 80# would be very likely to cause a blowout. I wrote to Continental about it, with an attached photo, but I am also very disappointed that they never responded. If you look at reviews of this tire on youtube you will see the exact same cut/tear issue in the sidewall discussed. In the video I watched, he pressurized the tire to a point where the cut/tear blew, which in his case was 140psi. All that said, I purchased a new set to replace the one that showed the failed sidewall, as I do like the tires. I am mainly
      disappointed the Continental Support could not be bothered to respond to my message to them.

      Disappointed in Continental Support

      Same experience..The tire was not even 1,000 miles and I have a 1/4" slit parallel, near the rim. Tire performed well before this happened. Disappointed and probably won't buy this tire again.

      Same experience..The tire was not even 1,000 miles and I have a 1/4" slit parallel, near the rim. Tire performed well before this happened. Disappointed and probably won't buy this tire again.

      I had a similar experience and was completely puzzled as to how that cut could have gotten there considering that I only ride on tarmac.

      I had a similar experience and was completely puzzled as to how that cut could have gotten there considering that I only ride on tarmac.

      I quit buying these tires when the 4000S II came out because I had three in a row develop these sidewall cuts. My tires were tubed, so it was an instant flat when I leaned into a turn. Good to know to avoid them.

      I quit buying these tires when the 4000S II came out because I had three in a row develop these sidewall cuts. My tires were tubed, so it was an instant flat when I leaned into a turn.  Good to know to avoid them.

      Tight fit but not crazy

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times
      • Fit: Runs small

      Yes, these tires fit tight on the rim which is OK for a tubeless tire. Mine went on a Shimano C40 Dura-Ace wheelset. Take the valve stem out and put one side on the rim. Put the valve stem back in and put on some gloves. Work your way around and when you get to the last few inches roll the whole tire over with your palms and use your thumbs to flip the bead over the rim. I didn’t have much of an issue at all and didn’t use any levers.

      I have the same set up and thought the mounting was straight forward using the same process including warming the tires in the sun for a few minutes and using soapy water.
      Only used my hands and have 1500 miles on them with zero issues.
      These are fantastic tires!

      Great Tire!

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times
      • Fit: True to size
      • Size Bought: 25mm

      After all the fit comments I was a little concerned when it came for my first tire change. My LBS set up the brand new wheels originally. Yippee! They fit on my Roval CLX 32 & CLX SCS 64 without a problem. Bare hands on the one tire and a simple lift with a tire lever on the other. They roll great!
      Running a 28mm tire at the rear and 25mm tire at the front for a near perfect match of the “Rule of 105” on my "do everything bike" a 2016 Specilized Diverge Pro.

      Great tires but it depends on the wheels

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Great tires. They seal great and roll great... but first you got to get them on! I tried soap and left out in the sun to warm up and still couldn’t get them on a pair Giant SLR rims! I had to take them to my LBS and have two guys in the shop wrestle them on.

      Conti Grand Prix 5000 TL

      • Fit: Runs small
      • Size Bought: 25mm

      Love these tires! They roll smooth, they hug the asphalt when cornering, comfortable out on the road bottom line just a great tire! I have used other brands in the past but they just dont perform as well as these tires do! They can be tricky on the install because they are tight, but a bit of hand strength and soap ought to suffice.

      Impossible to mount on HED wheels

      • Fit: Runs small
      • Size Bought: 25 mm

      I'm sure these tires are wonderful, I just could not mount them on my HED wheels. If that is the kind of trouble one has to go through just to mount them, I can't imagine having problems on the road.

      If you read some other reviews, you will see that most people have an absolute bear of a time mounting them. I spent over 10 hours mounting the first 25 mm one I got on some DT Swiss rims. Fortunately, you get better at it, but in my experience, you have to use the big Pedro's tire levers...everything else I've tried will snap or bend. Take it to your local bike shop and they should be able to get it.

      I was able to mount them on HED Jet Black wheels without any issues, hands only, no levers

      Edited: Just put a new set on, this set was very difficult, required use of levers which I'm not a fan of for putting tires on, but they still got on there. Hopefully they stretch out a bit

      Um, yeah, I agree! It took me 3 hrs the other night and I still couldn’t get them on my HED jet wheels. The local shop said they have done it but it took two mechanics and they warmed the tires a bit first.
      Yeah, I’m thinking about roadside in case of flats, yikes!

      I had a lot of trouble mounting these tires on my HED wheels too. I had to resort to a tire jack that I had to buy off of amazon. Once they are on, they are great.

      Love the ride, not hard to mount.

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
      • Fit: True to size
      • Size Bought: 25mm

      After reading the review on (TLDR: lowest rolling resistance of reasonable tires & great puncture resistance) i got a pair of the 25mm GP5000TL and mounted them on my Roval CLX50 wheels.

      The mounting wasn't to hard starting opposite the valve, working my way round while keeping the bead in the channel. The nice Conti tubeless bead made inflation pretty easy with some soapy water. The 25mm tires inflated to 27.5mm on the 21mm inner width rims. This is about perfect for the 29.5mm max rim width of the CLX50.

      I've been running 70-75 psi (me 170-175 lbs) and the ride is great. They feel quite fast & comfortable. Cornering is fantastic improvement (came from narrower rims/narrower tires) & they've been fairly durable. Only one puncture from a piece of stiff wire on my now somewhat worn rear tire that sealed but i heard the noise created by the wire hitting the pavement.

      Conti GT 5000 tubeless

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times
      • Fit: Runs small
      • Size Bought: 28 mm

      Could not get them to seat on DT Swiss pr 1400 rims despite many attempts with a booster pump. So I just use with tubes. Grippy feel in the road a plus.