• Continental - Grand Prix 4000 S II Tire - Clincher - Black Chili: Vectan Breaker
    Continental - Grand Prix 4000 S II Tire - Clincher - Detail
  • Continental - Grand Prix 4000 S II Tire - Clincher - Black Chili: Vectan Breaker
  • Continental - Grand Prix 4000 S II Tire - Clincher - Detail
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Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II Tire - Clincher

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    • Black Chili: Vectan Breaker,700c x 25mm
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    Tech Specs

    Black Chili
    700 x 23c
    Recommended Use:
    road cycling
    Manufacturer Warranty:

    Grippy and puncture-resistant.

    Continental’s Black Chili Compound is famous for its unusual combination of grip and durability, and the Grand Prix 4000 S II Tires are the company’s flagship road product. The GP4000s, as they’re commonly called, can be found under riders and racers from seasoned pros to weekend warriors. Continental has upgraded the long-running GP4000s with a strong, puncture-resistant Vectran yarn made from liquid crystal polymers. This yarn doesn’t cause any kind of "dead" feeling in the tires, and it keeps pesky rocks, glass, and thorns away from your tubes.

    • The most popular racing tire we carry
    • Increased suppleness reduces rolling resistance
    • Unrivaled traction and road feel
    • Vectran technology reduces puncture risk
    • You know Conti's GP4000 tires are the best, and they know you know
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    Continue 4000S II

      I have used these tires for years and years, over thousands of miles, because of their reliability, durability, traction, and price.

      Tough to recommend after today.

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I just mounted this tire today and went on my first ride. 15 miles in the bead and sidewall separated causing two flats. (I didn't notice the separation at first and just changed out the tube)

      Prior to today I have used these without incident for four years and love them. After reading the reviews here today it seems that this tire is now having a sidewall issue.

      Thank you for Competitive Cyclist's amazing Customer Service. They are exchanging the tire. I will give it one more chance.

      Tough to recommend after today.

      Great tire .

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      No tire is bulletproof but these are very tough . Hardly any rolling resistance and descent traction . Can’t beat sale price.

      Great tire .

      Adequate Grip but Weak Sidewall

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      Tires have good grip in corners and when its wet, but a weak sidewall. Crashed going down hill when my front wheel hit something metal in the road. Can't blame it entirely on the tire, but the side wall shredded instantly. Never seen a tire destroyed so easily. I had it inflated around 95 PSI and about 150 miles on it. I won't purchase again. For general all around summer tires I'll look elsewhere.

      Great Tires

        Great Tires

        Weak sidewall

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        These tires increased my confidence turning on corners, it grips the road. However I crashed going downhill due to sidewall blow out. It is a fairly new tire with at least 100 miles. It was inflated at 110 psi. Prior to buying this I had the same tire which I used but also has issues of having pinch flats when inflating at 90 psi. I never had an issue with pinch flat with my Bontrager tires which came standard with my bike.

        Are these tires being discontinued because they introducted the 5000 series tire? Just want to know, because then I plan to stock up on 4000's....

        Hi John, that's correct, these tires are being replaced by the Grand Prix 5000.

        Best road bike tires

          I've been buying Grand Prix 4000 tires for about 15 years. I regularly get 5,000 or more miles on these tires and rarely have flats. I purchased the most recent pair to replace tubeless tires that were on my new road bike. I had two flats with them in less than 6 months so I knew I had to replace them with my GP 4000's.

          Durable and Fast!

            I've spent the last 18 months on the 4000's and continue to rack up mileage and swap them out. I've had no issues with flats (amazingly) and have used these in many crit's and road races. These tires make for a stress free ride.

            Can anyone comment on the true width/height of these tires? That's the limiting factor for me; I tried mounting some Clement Strada 28mm - the frame (2015 Felt Z4) is more than wide enough, but the tires were just a tiny bit too *tall* to fit without rubbing. Internal width of my rims (Williams Carbon System 45) is 18.6mm [external 26mm] so I'm worried that will push up the height of any 28mm tire. I've also seen occasional comments that recent production runs of these run fairly wide, so maybe the 25mm will suffice. Maybe run 28 front 25 rear?

            I've saw in a review that the 25mm mounted on a 19mm wide rim ends up measuring out at 28mm. I run the 25s and they are great, plenty wide and cushy for me.

            I ran into the same problem with my Z4 -- 28 inch would fit on the front but not the back. The 25 inch fits the rear fine but the 28 is too (for lack of a better word) tall and rubs the frame.

            I find the contis to run taller than most tires, so if you're concerned about height go with the smaller size. I can fit 28c Rubinos on my bike but the 28c GPs rub the underside of the brake caliper.

            You can't go wrong

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            Unless you're going to go tubeless, (and you probably should), you won't do better than the GP4000. I've observed that these last longer than almost any other race tire, and I haven't ever had a sidewall failure. I'll have to ride the new 5000 at some point, but the fact that you can pick these up for less than $35 makes them pretty tempting!

            Be sure to reach out to me directly at jdraper@backcountry.com if you have any questions!

            4000 II S

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            I admit they have a week sidewall, which has caused me a couple flats. However, I use 25’s and have used nothing else. My rear tire needs to be replaced. The dimples are completely gone and has lost the tire curve. I ride 500+ per month. This has set lasted me all season plus 4 metrics. I have no complaints about these tires at all. I had a sidewall blow out. I took it back to the LBS and it was replaced. Conti had a problem with that batch. Great tire.

            Had a sidewall blowout, too, in Oct 2015. LBS also replaced without hesitation and with an apology. Have had better luck since. Two flats with more than 10K miles riding over three years. Replace tires about every 2500 miles. Flat spots develop.

            Do the job....mostly

              They have great rolling resistance, however I went through 3 in just a month. I ride about 150-200 miles a month and I try to avoid as much debri as physically possible. But these suckers just can't handle much of any debri and I'm not the only one who has owned these in my group and has had the same problem.

              Used once but already dig 'em

              • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

              I got the 28 mm version and their real width is at least 30 mm, probably 32 mm if on wide rims. I have a BMC Gran Fondo with disc brakes and these tires juuuust fit. I've been using Gatorskins for years and years and I just may switch permanently to GPs. FYI, the 28 mm version of the GP4000 is definitely wider than the 28 mm Gatorskin. I have yet to take them on dirt/gravel.

              What have you noticed about height of the tires? That's the limiting factor for me; I tried mounting some Clement Strada 28mm - the frame was more than wide enough, but the tires were just a tiny bit too *tall* to fit without rubbing. Internal width of my rims is 18.6mm (external 26mm), so I'm worried that will push up the height of any 28mm tire.

              These tires rock!

              • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

              I discovered these tires a few years ago and now they are all I use (but I will be checking out the new 5000s). I ride a mixture of pavement & gravel and these things are durable (over 3000 miles on the rear tire), not prone to pinch flats and grip great.

              Great tires, but fragile sidewalls

                I have ridden nothing but Continentals on my BMC SLR01 and previous bikes. I have ridden that bike more than 14000 miles in the last two years. Other than two flats which were, in fact, punctures (one ripped out the sidewall and I rode home with a $5 bill wrapped around the tube) I had only pinch flats caused by experimenting with lower tire pressures. The sidewalls are pretty fragile, but that also gives the tires that wonderful feel going around corners. Its a trade off. No tire is going to be totally puncture proof in my experience. It is only a matter of when, not if. All of the Conties I have owned have given me full service life right down until the wear dimples disappeared with the exception of the sidewall puncture which happened the day after I mounted the tire. There is a lot of sharp gravel on the shoulders around my area due to construction. I studiously watch for and avoid it, so I suffer very few flats. The pinch flats were my fault. I got about 5 over a two month period. Once i inflated the tires up to my normal 80 PSI they stopped happening. Since then, over the last 7 months I had one tiny sliver of glass which caused a slow leak that didn't show up as a flat until the next morning. I can't gainsay with other peoples' experiences. I can only say that I have used Continental GPs in all of their incarnations and, years ago, Supersports, and nothing else. I wait for deals like the present one and buy extras to keep on my shelf for when I need them.


                • Familiarity: I've used it several times

                I hate to be "that guy" but I've had a really bad experience with my Continental Grand Prix 4000s II's. I ordered my tires last month and the one is already trash. The sidewall ripped and the puncture protection has been mediocre at best. I'm still a 4000s fan but maybe I just got a bad batch. It stinks because I'm not made of money and really can't afford to buy more tires too often. It's not Competitive Cyclists fault at all but it's just where I ordered them so I just came back to write my honest review.


                So are they going to replace under warranty? Or send you another tire? This is 2 negative reviews on production qc back to back. Maybe someone needs to check on the batch number and call continental for a possible recall? I would imagine that competitive or backcountry would back this tire up as they stand behind their stuff. Am I right?

                William, I'm not sure what's gonna happen but I've contacted Competitive and Continental already so I'm just waiting for a reply. It's a shame because I love these model tires but it's gotta be a bad batch or something because my tires are still very fresh and the tire I had on my front wheel (in the picture) is now trash. Sidewall has blown out and it's frayed by the bead on about 5 inches of the tire too.

                Within two weeks, I had two 4000s II's get catastrophic sidewall gashes--where I had to call for rescue because the tire was ruined. I gave up and now use a Specialized Armadillo in back, all I could get in a hurry. The sidewall was always a weakness, but this was just too much.

                Have run nothing but these for three years. They're very good, but not perfect.

                I got a puncture a month ago on the contact surface of my rear tire one day after installation. Was a minute hole, but that's supposed to be the strongest part of the tire. Flatted once last year.

                I find that flat spots develop between 2K and 2.5K miles.

                The sidewall blowouts are troubling and dangerous. Happened to me in Oct 2015 just a week after I bought my bike and swapped the stock tires for these. Maintained control, but could have been bad.

                Hello Dan!

                I really appreciate the review, as it's one of the only ways we can get real world feedback on any of our products, be it good or bad.
                I have always been a major fan of the GP 4000 tires just like yourself, and have had both sets of my current generation (also purchased within the past three months) going full tilt since I've installed them. Sidewalls are always a hairy subject when it comes to tire longevity, as though they are designed to be resilient, are still subject to any rock, pothole, or random metal lying in the street at the opportune moment for us to ride perfectly over them and gash what is arguably the weakest spot on any tire. The durability of the GP 4000 is sometimes mixed up with the durability of the Gatorskin tires when it comes to being incredibly resilient. And although the GP 4000 carries the thermoplastic yarn to help increase resistance with punctures, it's really designed to be a lighter weight tire that has fantastic grip.

                I'm happy to get you set up with a replacement in this case. You've only recently purchased these tires, and we stand behind our customers when it comes to situations like this. Please feel free to reach out to me personally at ZFoley@CompetitiveCyclist.com and I'll get you set up with a return label for the current tire at no charge, and a new one out the door as soon as we can get your account pulled up!

                I also appreciate you taking the time to note that this is out of the hands of Competitive Cyclist, but as I mentioned before, we never want our riders to be left out in the cold in regards to a product within such a short amount of time in purchasing it. Bicycle companies spend money in R&D to try and prevent this from happening, and in the rare cases that it does, we like to be the fail safe to help out if we can. I hope this helps a bit and look forward to hearing from you in the near future!


                • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

                I was a loyal user of the tire, but two of the last three I purchased have been defective out of the box. Not sure if I've just gotten unlucky or if there is a quality control issue at the factory, but I'll be moving on to something different.

                Mine is also defective. They're still practically brand new and my one tire has already blown out the sidewall and part of the sidewall where the bead is located is also frayed and defective.

                my go to tire

                • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

                i always buy continental tires. they hold up great

                Best all-around tire

                  This tire has been with my over dirt/gravel roads and on unswept streets. It is reliable for thousands of miles of riding.