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Continental - Grand Prix 4 Season Tire - Clincher

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Tire - Clincher

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    • Black-Duraskin, 700c x 23mm
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    Tech Specs

    700c x 23mm, 700c x 25mm, 700c x 28mm
    Vectran Breaker, DuraSkin
    [23mm] 110 - 120 PSI, [25mm] 95 - 120 PSI, [28mm] 95 - 115 PSI
    Claimed Weight:
    [23mm] 8.1oz (230g), [25mm] 8.5oz (240g), [28mm] 9.9oz (280g)
    Manufacturer Warranty:

    Grand Prix 4 Season Tire

    The Grand Prix 4 Season Clincher Tire is a step above the tried and true 4000 when it comes to durability and flat resistance. It is ideal for racing in unpredictable conditions, and it’s even better for training when the winter muck starts to thaw.

    The Grand Prix 4 tire features a 330TPI (threads per square inch) double layer Vectran belt under the tread. This proprietary fabric is a liquid-crystalline polymer that features high levels of tear resistance at a low weight, making it ideal for racing as well as training. To take the Grand Prix 4 to the next level of rider satisfaction and beef up puncture resistance, Continental reinforced the sidewall with DuraSkin, a polyamide fabric that keeps road grit and grime from penetrating to the tube.

    • Versatile road tire works as a daily driver and lines up at the races
    • Double layer Vectran with DuraSkin sidewalls for puncture resistance
    • Fabric designed to keep harmful debris out of the inner tire

    received an open used return

    • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it
    • Size Bought: 700/28

    I ordered a couple of these tires. What I received from backcountry was a couple of used 700/28 of this. The boxes where open and had been taped over, and the tires were zip-tied and you could see a little wear on them from being installed and then repackaged and returned. I'm pretty disappointed with backcountry. These would probably have been good tires for my bike.

    Did you call and schedule them to ship you a new set of tires? It's obvious the person working in the warehouse selected the wrong items to ship to you. Instead of giving 1 Star and calling it a day, ask them to correct the problem. I'm almost certain they would have shipped you a new set at no cost - to make things right and improve their customer service and logistics process.

    You are a cheap e-commerce turd that expects VIP treatment and is quick to complain and give 1 Star.

    Did you report the problem? How did they respond? Did you get a refund or a replacement?

    Great training tire for heavier riders

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I live in the Northeast Us and bike outside during the winter (unless there is snow). I use these from October to March and switch to regular road tires during spring and summer. Having put over 1500KM on these tires this past season, I have had only one flat (from hitting a huge rock in the road). My weight is 220 lbs and average speed at 18mph over 1+ hours.

    Touring heaven

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit: True to size

    Toured cross country on my trek 520 this past year with these tires and they never failed. Honestly these were by far one of the best decisions I made. For the weight and comfort of these tires it was surprising that I had zero flats. Thats right zero. Another few hundred miles after my finish I finally had to retire one because of a slash in it, but luckily I had another one lying around.

    Bullet Proof w/o the weight

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit: True to size
    • Size Bought: 700x25

    I ride in/around N. Georgia (Atlanta) with decent roads and always some debris as most of us deal with. Typical month is about 800-1,000 miles and I just want a tire that won't leave me stranded miles from home. I've used this tire for 5+ years (third set) and never have problems. Only flats have been operator error. . . pot holes. Obviously, not the lightest tire on the market, but a solid daily ride tire that doesn't puncture easily. Good price, better quality.

    The best all around tire

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit: True to size
    • Size Bought: 25

    If you only had one tire for the year this would be the tire. Not as fast as a 5000 but for extra puncture protection you don’t lose much speed or feel.

    No Puncture Protection.......

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I only rode on these tires for about 500 miles and experienced two flats on each of those four may have been a pinched tube (my fault). The road conditions weren't always the greatest but they wouldn't cause this many flat tires on a decent tire. Probably won't go with Continental tires again.

    Good-looking tire with good performance

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I'm replacing my first pair after around 6,000 miles over all sorts of roads. I think I got two flats in that time. Have recently had some loose threads around the bead, wear indicators are gone, and a small spot in the tread where the rubber is coming off — time for a new set. They're lightweight and feel great. I ran them with latex tubes most of their life.

    Love these!

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Ive had these on my bike for a frw months now and I love them! Havent had a flat with on yet!

    Not a race tire!

      Bought a gravel bike and ended up using it more on asphalt than gravel, go figure. So I searched for a good road tire that wouldn't seriously compromise comfort, but still be fast. It's not as fast of a tire as I thought a smooth high pressure tire would be. Don't get me wrong, I like the tire. The rubber is softer that I thought, 4 season, (duh right?). Still learning about these things.
      One other important note; I bought a 700×32, it measures 36. Runs bigger than advertised in this case anyway. It is comfortable and I'm not racing, however, I do pay attention to my time and averages. I would recommend this tire, so far, less than 500 miles.

      No Gator But No Gator For winter...

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I do love this tire. I run it in the 32mm for late season commuting. I love my Gator Skins more, but these do better in the cold wet weather here in SLC UT. I commute on average about 50 miles a week in these. Plus your grocery and bar hoping runs, yes, even in winter. Gator Skins are a more durable tire, but these do the best attraction in freezing and wet weather. So i run Gators on my road bike, and these on my commuter in winter.

      If you only had one tire...

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have ridden these tires (28s) for the past 5 years on my road bike in just about any "reasonable" condition, including distance rides, gran fondos, dirt trails, even gravel grinders and "Roubaix". Never, NEVER had one flat or fail. I am a great fan/convert to tubeless, but on my upcoming remote ride to Wyoming, what will I take? Yep, 4 season 28's.

      Do you happen to know the true width of the 28? And if so, what is your rim width?

      Not a gatorskin for sure

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I posted a review a while back and somehow I accidentally deleted it. But the gist of it was: these are not good commuter tires as some would like you to think. I had 3 flats in ~ 400 miles before having a devastating blowout in the tread/sidewall 20 miles from home. I rode on the same roads as I use my gatorskins and other tires. gators
      are without the same issues. I know people probably think I am doing something wrong or a "heavy" rider etc. I am average build and weigh 170lbs. I am an experienced rider with road, mountain and commuter bikes. I am not a conti hater. these tires just aren't the answer for commuting unless you want to change lots of flats in the cold, dark rain or snow.

      I'm conflicted.

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      The good: light and grippy, even in the wet and in gravel. Always felt secure even on really questionable surfaces. A fast ridding tire as well. They ride quite a bit faster than Gatorskins and have surer grip and handling.
      The Bad: Just didn't last very long before the sidewall blew out. Maybe it's just bad luck, but I didn't hit any major potholes or drag them around sideways. Did ride some rougher roads than I wanted to, but that's the same for any tire. They don't last the way Gatorskins do.

      In the end, I'm going back to Michelins for my fast tires and sticking to Gatorskins for training rides.

      Awesome winter tires

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've been running these in the 28 mm configuration through the winter out here in Utah and I've been extremely happy. They offer plenty of grip and protection. Will buy again!

      Ever hear of RAAM?

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Since 2004 thru current, I used these tires for all of the Ultra-Endurance races: Furnace Creek 508, ADK540, Alaska Fireweed 400, and RAAM Solo without a single blowout. While going through one of the reservations in the Midwest the road had about a mile of broken glass, still no problem!!

      Want a True tire to believe in? This is it "4 Season"

      Ever hear of RAAM?

      Happy so far

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I've had these on my road bike for a while now. They hold up really well to my standards. I haven't been out in the rain with them, but have done a few rides where the roads were wet. They gripped a lot better than I expected. Being a mountain biker mainly, I had reservations about skinny tires and their ability to help keep me upright. I was pleasantly surprised. They also offer a good amount of resistance to punctures, I'm a big guy and ride out towards Antelope Island regularly. With all of the construction and debris on the roads, that's something I appreciate. I have had tires that were softer riding, but I would rather be riding, than be stuck on the side of the road fixing flats. Personal preference, at least.
      Overall, I'd rate these as very good tires, and would buy them again.

      Amazing tires

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      They may be a little heavier than some other tires, but I rarely get flats. They are durable and don't seem any less nimble than top end race tires I have run. I regularly pick our glass out of the tires, but see a flat maybe once a year. The handle great too.