Effortlessly moves through water and air.

Castelli designed the Women's Free Speed Race Jersey to shave precious seconds from your triathlon racing and training times. Castelli's Speedfreak ventilated race fabric along the front provides a streamlined, body-hugging fit, plus exceptional breathability to prevent overheating in stifling summer conditions. Elastic shoulders aide in swim and running comfort, seeing both disciplines require additional mobility in the arms.

Looking to the back panel, Velocity Mesh cuts down on drag in the bike stage, as proven by Castelli's own wind tunnel testing. Both fabrics sit alongside FreeAero rear pockets for essential storage, but without adding drag in the water and air. Additionally, there's a SnapLock fastener at the lower back that clips to the Free Tri Short for seamless integration without it annoyingly riding up during the race.

  • Streamlined triathlon jersey moves quickly in water and air
  • SpeedFreak ventilated front prevents you from overheating
  • Velocity Mesh backside cuts down on drag in the bike stage
  • Both fabrics disperse moisture once you leave the water
  • Elastic shoulders for flexibility in swim and run stages
  • YKK Camlock zipper helps you regulate temperature
  • FreeAero pockets for storage without adding drag
  • SnapLock fastener attaches to Free Tri Short
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