CastelliArrivo Thermo Skully Cap


Winter training rides are funny, Sisyphean things where we never arrive at anywhere other than where we left. That's because the destination isn't a place, it's a state of being—namely, the state of being fit. Castelli's Arrivo Thermo Skully Cap helps insure that, when you depart on those winter base miles, you arrive at that state.

The Skully Cap's Thermoflex composition is a brushed fleece that creates a low-loft microclimate around your head, trapping body heat that would otherwise escape uselessly into the cold void. When temperatures fall to the lower end of Castelli's recommended range of 32-53 degrees Fahrenheit, that kind of insulation can be the difference between finishing the ride and making a teeth-chattering call for a ride home.

  • A cold-weather cycling cap for dry conditions
  • Thermally insulating fleece traps body heat
  • Flat-lock stitching and raw-cut edges for a low profile
  • Minimalistic graphic treatment for stealth training
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