Capo Pursuit Roubaix Bib Short - Men's
CapoPursuit Roubaix Bib Short - Men's

Add some flexibility to your cold-weather kit. Bridge the gap

The divide between the proponents of full-length tights and those who prefer shorts and warmers is traditionally situated in the Atlantic ocean, with the former in the Americas and the latter in Europe. Traditional affiliations aside, though, we can appreciate the benefits of both sides; however, with the option to vary coverage based on conditions, the Capo Pursuit Roubaix Bib Shorts make a strong argument for the shorts and warmers movement. If temperatures are in the 50s, you can wear them alone to provide warmth without the danger of overheating. When things really cool off outside, though, you can wear knee or leg warmers to provide the same coverage as knickers or full-length tights.

To strike the perfect balance between comfort and warmth, Capo constructed the Pursuit Roubaix Bib Shorts from Thermo Roubaix Tech fabric. Thermo Roubaix Tech's open, hollow-core weave increases insulation by creating pockets of trapped air, a design inspired by Merino wool's similar qualities. It also accelerates moisture transfer from the skin to the quick-drying surface of the shorts, and the soft, brushed lining continues the focus on warmth and comfort.

For the chamois, Capo went with the Elastic Interface Technology (EIT) Anatomic-L High Density Carbon insert. This chamois uses a horst and graben topography of high-density foam padding that varies from three to ten millimeters thick to support the regions that need the most support, without impacting the ones that don't. The Anatomic-L incorporates carbon micro fibers for antimicrobial properties and moisture transfer. Its construction is meant to ensure comfort in a road-cycling position over a medium-length ride.

The multi-panel construction means that the shorts move with your body rather than against it, and the flatlock seams are strategically oriented to avoid sensitive or abrasion-prone areas. The back of the bibs themselves are made from V Mesh 360 to regulate your temperature and provide additional stretch and breathability.

The Capo Pursuit Roubaix Bib Shorts are available in five sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large in the color Black.

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