A jacket, not a tent.

We know that the rain jacket you picked up years ago is one of the oldest and most beloved pieces of kit in your cycling wardrobe, but times have changed. With Capo's Lombardia DWR Rain Jacket leading the way, the tent-shaped garbage sacks of unbreathable material of ye olde rain jackets have been binned in favor of breathability and fit.

The jacket is built with a combination of materials, but the active ingredients are Vapor 2.5 and the old scuba standby, neoprene. Vapor 2.5 is a minimalistic membrane that fends off the wind and precipitation of inclement weather without creating additional bulk. The 3 millimeters of neoprene really need no introduction. Water resistant, insulating, stretchy — you know the drill. The rear hem, longer even than the Lombardia Jersey's, extends this protection all the way down your backside.

The Lombardia DWR Rain Jacket's Super Corsa pedigree means that it has a race-inspired fit that won't hang or flap, continuing the theme exhibited across the Lombardia line of not introducing any unnecessary bulk to your wet-weather rides. It also has an SPF of 50, because the sun can still see you even when you can't see it. Reflective elements help keep you visible during those sunless times. Capo recommends the Lombardia DWR Jacket in temperatures ranging from 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Capo Lombardia DWR Rain Jacket is available in five sizes ranging from Small to X-Large in the color Black.

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