Capo Le Mans Jersey - Men's
CapoLe Mans Jersey - Men's

Motor free.

For a few product cycles now, Capo has been relying on a stable of tried and true materials that closely resemble—if not outright define—what we think of when we think cycling jerseys. The Le Mans Men's Jersey changes that up, ushering Capo's kit into cycling's future by constructing the main paneling of the brand's new Super Leggera material. The jersey's name is obviously fraught with sporting weight, and we'll get to that, but forgive our inner tech-geek for compelling us to first dwell on this new material.

Super Leggera is lightweight, high-stretch, and treated with Coldblack, so it actively works to keep you cool and adds an element of UV protection to the barely-there material. A lot of jersey manufacturers have gone the "lightweight, high-stretch" route, but the added sun protection means the Le Mans takes the extra (and in our opinion necessary) step of reducing the exposure to solar radiation that the less-is-more approach to fabric development often entails.

Despite the new headliner material, this is still Capo, so the graphical treatment is obviously a consideration. The Le Mans touches a sweet spot in our non-cycling sport obsessions, as our love of all things velo means we inevitably pay attention to European sports and competitions, and—since there are few events with the gravitas of the jersey's titular 24-hour endurance auto race—you can bet it's on our radar. Le Mans is more or less the motorized version of a grand tour. We're not sure exactly what inspired the jersey's graphical treatment (The view from the cockpit as scenery rushes by, maybe?), but it certainly adds a splash of color to the ever-more black world of cycling jerseys, and we're always happy to pay homage to one of racing's most premier events.

  • A cycling jersey that celebrates a premier racing event
  • Graphics inspired by Le Mans, the grand tour of auto racing
  • New material is absurdly light and stretchy for a perfect fit
  • Mesh inserts throughout boost cooling and breathability
  • Treated to actively cool and protect against UV radiation
  • Long, peloton-approved sleeves finished with compressive cuffs
  • Standard complement of pockets keep ride essentials secure
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