CAMP USA - CassinCassin X-Draw

Extra security on the scariest climbs.

Camp USA's Cassin X-Draw adds security on ice, trad, and alpine climbs by drastically reducing fall impacts. When a fall exceeds 2.5 kN, the X-Draw's nylon stitching rips apart to absorb the fall, while the Dyneema main loop stays strong, even in icy and wet situations. Camp USA tested this draw with a 176-pound dummy taking a factor 1 fall, and the impact fall reduced from 5.5 kN down to 2.5 - 3.5 kN. The X-Draw also features a rubber keeper that keeps carabiners securely in place and protects the nylon sling from ice and rocks.

  • Extendable nylon sling with rubber keeper
  • Hydrophobic Dyneema main loop
  • Engages at 2.5kN and reduces the impact of a fall
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    Since the Yates Screamer - many brands have gotten into the shock absorbing runner biz - and CAMP- Cassin has made a solid draw here -

    I've used it primarily for ice climbing - adds that little bit of mental security on some of those stubby ice screws.

    When this thing engages (rips the stitching) it reduces the amount of force on the piece - and increasing the chance of that screw from fracturing the ice and pulling.

    I've also used it to clip sketchy old 1/4 bolts on run out routes - it seems to make the difference mentality as i have yet to fall on one of these precarious pieces.

    Wassss uppp!