CAMP USACarbon Fiber Avalanche Probe

Noticeable when you need it.

Probes are an essential piece of backcountry safety equipment, but that doesn't mean you should notice it when you're skinning up. Weighing in at under five ounces, the CAMP USA Carbon Fiber Avalanche Probe is hardly noticeable when you're not using it, but is extremely reliable in the event of an emergency. Carbon fiber keeps weight to a minimum while offering the stiffness needed to punch through packed debris, tapered aluminum alloy ferrules self align for rapid deployment, and the probe deploys almost instantly with the tug and cinch of the indestructible Dyneema cord.

  • Incredibly lightweight avalanche probe
  • Carbon fiber is ultralight, yet strong
  • Tapered aluminum alloy ferrules increase stiffness
  • Tug and cinch of Dyneema cord deploys probe quickly
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