BruntonPocket Transit International Compass

Precise navigation anywhere in the world.

When your appetite for adventure refuses to be bound to a single hemisphere, be sure the Brunton Pocket Transit International Compass is in your backpack at all times. Made with precision in the USA, this compass utilizes powerful Alnico V magnets which are mounted to a polished, sapphire jewel bearing for smooth needle movement that won't dip in different hemispheres. The cast aluminum body is durable enough to handle remote and rugged places and is sealed with silicone for protection against water. Features on the Pocket Transit International include vertical angle measurements, percent grade scale measurements, short and long sights, precision aligned mirror with see-through sighting, and a ball and socket tripod mount. 

  • Cast aluminum body
  • Induction dampened needle
  • Sapphire jewel bearing
  • Alnico V magnets
  • Vertical angle measurements +/- 90 degree grade
  • Percent grade scale in increments of 5%
  • Short and long sights
  • Precision aligned mirror with see-through sighting
  • Ball and socket tripod mount
  • Sealed silicone waterproofing
  • Leather case included
  • Made in the USA
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Would traditional compasses be effected in the event of an EMP attack?

Unanswered Question

Are replacement top cover sighting mirrors available?