Bonk BreakerHydration Drink Mix

Simply does it.

When it comes to endurance nutrition and hydration, our bellies often remind us that simple is better—usually in the form of a stomach ache after choking down something that's better digested on the couch. Bonk Breakers' Hydration Drink Mix is an excellent study in how to not hinder your performance with poor food and drink choices mid-activity, as much of the ingredients stem from stems, or at least, from the fruit that grows on them.

Of course, tasting good on the way down and riding lightly once it's there are a hydration mix's second job. If it doesn't do the trick on the electrolyte front, then it's a non-starter. Bonk Breakers mixes its blend to drop 350mg of electrolytes into every 8oz of water you mix it with, which in turn helps reduce the risk of cramps ruining your summit push, the back half of a century, or the final miles of the run leg.

  • Craveable hydration mix to help you hit your endurance goals
  • Dissolve 1 scoop in 8oz water for 350g of electrolytes
  • Organic and real fruit ingredients keep the flavor pleasant
  • Vegan, dairy-free, Non-GMO, CCOF organic certified
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