Boardman Bikes TTE 9.2 Ultegra Complete Road Bike - 2016

Pure speed.

The name Boardman brings to mind images of cheering crowds, Olympic medals, and world-champion speed that inspired today's renowned British cycling tradition. Following suit, Boardman Bikes has long been known for creating speedy steeds with impeccable handling, and the 2016 TTE 9.2 Ultegra Complete Road Bike is the company's latest offering for the more time trial and triathlon inclined among us. With industry leading aerodynamics, a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, Dura-Ace shifters, and clean lines, the TTE 9.2 is equal to any race of truth whether you're lining up for Kona or just looking to gain some time in your favorite local TT or Tri series.

Made from a light, stiff mix of T1000 and T800 high modulus carbon fiber, the TTE features tube shapes specifically designed to slice through the air at yaw angles found in the real world, not just the wind tunnel. That means it reduces wind resistance in both headwinds and crosswinds when you're out on the road and minimizes the turbulent handling that often plagues other deep-tubed, super-aerodynamic frames.

The frame's relative stability owes a debt to Boardman's all-new Aerodynamic Surface Trip (AST) feature, which involves two parallel ledges running vertically on either side of the tubes' leading edges. These ledges "trip" the air, creating controlled turbulence across the frame's surface that keeps the air attached longer and, when the boundary layer does finally release, creates less drag. This is a design we're seeing more and more of around the industry from rims to frames, but Boardman eschews another hot trend by opting for a complete tear-drop tube profile instead of the truncated trailing edges adopted by so many other manufacturers. The result of AST up front and the tear-drop tail is a tube shape that, according to testing at yaw angles of ten degrees, enjoys an additional 2% reduction in drag compared to tubes with flat backs.

The fork legs and seatstays boast a profile designed to promote better airflow mechanics between the frame and wheels, and Boardman claims the effect is further improved with the use of deep-dish wheel systems. For additional aerodynamic benefits, Boardman places the rear brakes under the chainstays, out of the wind, with a removable cover to further minimize air turbulence while the front brake tucks neatly into an integrated home within the fork crown to hide from the wind. While we like this setup's clean lines, it also serves to reduce drag compared to standard brake mounting.

Up front, Boardman's integrated cockpit system flows seamlessly out of the top tube for smooth lines and uninterrupted airflow where the bike meets the wind. While some integrated systems provide limited fit options, this cockpit is exceptionally adjustable to dial-in fit and accommodate a wide range of positioning preferences. The cockpit is finished with Boardman's aerodynamic, four-position seatpost, which is adjustable across a range spanning 73 to 75 degrees.

A PressFit BB386 bottom bracket shell sits in the middle of the frame, offering an extra helping of stiffness that goes beyond Boardman's standard PressFit 30 to solidly transfer every watt you put into the pedals to the drivetrain. The chainstays feature an aerodynamic cross-section design that also nets additional strength and optimal power transfer. As a final touch, Boardman builds the AiR TTE with internal cable routing compatible with both mechanical and Di2 systems for a touch more aerodynamic advantage and yet more clean, uninterrupted lines.

Given the dimensions of its integrated cockpit, the TTE 9.2 must be shipped "ready to ride," incurring additional shipping costs.

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Boardman has this TT/tri thing down. When you're out there solo with your nose in the wind, aerodynamics is the name of the game. Not only aero but you need to be able to put the power down. The TTE brings aero integration to moderate price levels and allows riders to benefit from wind tunnel tested shapes and designs.

The TTE rides like a dream, stiff where it needs to be yet comfy from Ironman distances to your local sprint tri to the state TT championships.

I own an aero Boardman and love it. Hit me up directly with any questions.

Does competitive cyclist sell TTE framesets only?

VK.4244494... We do have the TTE available now. Hit me up directly if you have any questions.

I'm curious about the fit chart above - it's quite different to the range suggested by Boardman's website (which has M for 5'10 6'0, and L for 6'0 and taller). Is this accurate?

Brian, I would use Boardman's sizing on this one. Having fit a few different customers I can say Boardman is accurate. I'll get this chart updated (09/06/2016). There's a bit more that goes into fit than rider height though. Give me a shout and we can go over the details. 801-204-4557