Light and fast, just like how you climb.

Move nimbly through the alpine world without dragging extra weight by bringing Bluewater Excellence 8.4mm Half Rope. Despite a slim 8.4mm profile, the Excellence defines its name by boasting a tightly braided double-pick sheath for extra durability, and at a mere 45 grams per meter you won’t feel bogged down by unnecessary bulk. Bluewater added a Double Dry treatment, so even in surprise drizzle you know you won’t be bogged down by water weight.

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Great ropes

    I have been using the 8.4 for about 3 years now. I use them for ice, rock and alpine climbing. I have had very good luck with these ropes and have found them very durable. The sheath is has a very tight braid and I find this really improves the durability especially if you use them on rock climbs. The dry treatment wears quickly if you use them on the rock, but that is pretty standard for any rope. So, my suggestion is to buy a set in the Fall use them for a season of ice and then continue into the summer season with them, that way you maximize the performance of the ropes. I have used a lot of 1/2 ropes over the years (lots of climbing in Europe) and have found these to be some of the best wearing ropes out there



    Here is what Blue Water has to say about their Double Dry Treatment, it basically makes for a more water repellent and abrasion resistant rope.

    'Double-Dry treatment' is applied to each individual fiber in sheath and core. This was initially developed to increases water repellency for extreme ice and alpine climbing also dramatically increase abrasion resistance. 40 carrier braid technology enables Blue Water to design a rope that is lighter weight than traditional braids of similar size while having a substantially thicker rope sheath. Superior abrasion resistance is extremely important while ascending ropes during wall climbs."