Blue WaterCanyon Pro Dual Sheath Rope - 8mm

Only the view should take your breath away.

The Blue Water Canyon Pro Dual Sheath Rope features a polyester and Technora sheath coupled with a 100% Dyneema core for maximum strength and cut resistance. Its light weight only makes this cord more desirable for your next canyoneering adventure.

  • Low-elongation design eliminates any sawing action over edges
  • Dyneema core provides unmatched strength
  • Tight-weave, single-pick construction and dry treatment keeps this line from absorbing water
  • Technora sheath increases wear resistance over sharp and gritty rock
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waiting for summer

    we bought this rope cause we want to start climbing in the summer we have not put it to the test yet but my friend told me to buy this one because when it gets wet does not get heavy with the water.

    This is not a climbing rope and should not be used as one. This is a static rope used strictly for rappelling.

    Top roping on a static rope can be fine if there is very little slack in the system. Any decent falls could seriously injure or kill you though. Never lead on a static rope. I'm just some random climber on the internet though so you should probably ask a professional.

    'Nuff said

      This rope is awesome. I love how light weight this cord is even when wet. Speaking from my recent trip up to Christopher Creek, east of Payson, Arizona.

      'Nuff said

      Blue Water Canyon Pro Dual Sheath Rope - 8mm

        The Blue Water Canyon Pro Dual Sheath Rope - 8mm is a great canyoneering rope. The lite weight is great when approaches & canyons are multiple miles all day affairs.

        8mm is fast on rappel so experts and thin people only. You also want to change the rub point on sharp edges constantly. 9.2mm is better for novices/intermediates, people who have more gravity mass, or if none of the above made any sense.

        The orange color shows up well in pictures. The Dual Sheath has a great hand feel while on rappel. So soft that you wouldn’t mind being tied up by a dominatrix with it if you are into that type of stuff.

        Best dry treatment on the market.

          Bluewater's dry treatment is the best I've ever used.

          That may be true but this rope isn't dry treated like a dynamic rope. Its made from polyester, technora, and UHMWPE fibers so it simply doesn't absorb water like nylon does.