A classic evolved.

Just like human evolution, the evolution of ice axes is a slow, barely noticeable process, but those subtle differences make a world of difference. Take Blue Ice's Bluebird Evo Ice Axe, for example, which only has a slight bend in the shaft compared to the original Bluebird Ice Axe. This bend puts the spike at an angle more ideal for stabbing into ice when you're ski mountaineering, similar to the Galápagos finch's beak angling differently in order to get to cacti fruit.

  • Classic ice axe for ski mountaineering and general alpinism
  • Hot-forged head and adze for an ice-specific climb
  • Bent shaft sandblasted for grip
  • Angled spike with carabiner keyhole
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Initial review

    After looking around the web researching axes and not seeing much for reviews on this axe, I figured I'd write a initial thoughts review and do an update once I get a chance to test it in winter conditions. The aluminum shaft has a nice bead-blasted grippy finish that feels good with or with out gloves. The head is designed to be held pick forward, but feels okay facing backwards, but not as comfortable as the BD Raven. The curved shaft gives it a more natural feeling swinging in my opinion than the straight shaft. The pick is very sharp, much sharper than a lot of other general mountaineering axes I looked at. I recommend getting a pick/adze protector if you get one.