Blackburn Click Head Light

Press bulb, get home safe.

There are many an unfortunate occurrence which can ruin a lovely evening of fine cocktails and cycling shenanigans—none more than that with a rogue vehicular encounter. Improve your visibility and get home safe with the clever, bulb-push illumination of the Blackburn Click Head Light.

  • Simple, silicone strap easily mounts to any handlebar without requiring tools or sobriety
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Good Stuff

Light on the front, with insulated WXB jacket stored for mountain pass fury

Good Stuff

Relatively awesome

    I don't aspire to bike at night, but sometimes you reach the base of the summit at dusk and hit it. Change into something warm, then go. This light actually worked as a headlight, though two would have been better. - But, with two, you're half way there for a real light. This is great for safety!

    great little light

      I bought my girl and I a couple of these for our late night rides. I mostly bought them for cars to see us, but they provide just enough light to avoid obstructions in the road. First click on, second click flash, third click off. Cool features and plenty of light for the money.