Blackburn Barrier HB Handlebar Bag

Everything considered.

If we had to guess, we'd say that the designers over at Blackburn got together and made a list of every feature they wish they'd had on a bike pack before, then made sure to add them all to the Barrier HB Handlebar Bag. If you plan on heading out for all-day rides or bikepacking tours, the Barrier will act as a loyal concierge on the front of your bars, holding onto your phone or GPS inside a clear pocket so that you can access the screen as you ride.

The bag includes a magnetic attachment for riders using its Barrier Map case, so if you prefer the nostalgia and reliability of paper maps, you can attach the map case directly to the top of the bag and glance at it quickly without having to dig it out of a pocket. The quick-release mounting system makes detaching and re-attaching the bag to different frames simple, and the Barrier includes a packable shoulder strap for the times you rack your bike and want to bring your valuables along with you on foot.

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It's not a purse...

    I am using this bad boy for a CDT ride on a Ridley X-trail with drop bars. I have used the bag in a massive downpour/hail storm and everything inside stayed dry. Its got enough room in it to fit: sunscreen, phone, jacket, chamois cream, a few bars, gloves and more. It is a solid bag. The bracket tends to slip after a longer 60 plus mile day, but it is an easy fix to tighten it.

    But why does it have a strap, it should really be removable. I just cut it off.

    **** UPDATE****

    Ok, so, brought it on my Divide Ride. I used it for most of my clothing, I am a light packer but was able to stuff a jersey, 2 bib shorts, 2 socks, arm warmers and leg warmers into this bad boy. That part was rad...


    What I learned is that the mount attachment is cheap. After a long day on the trail I went to unload the bag and the locking mechanism was jammed. I could not get the bag back onto the mount and lock it securely.

    The bag is supposed to be fastened into place securely by turning a dial and a plastic thingy locks into the mount on the bag.. My plastic lock got jarred from riding. Well then I am screwed for 3 more days of bike packing. Thank goodness we were in Fernie BC and they have an awesome Canadian Tire shop that sold straps.

    See picture.

    My take away is this:

    Commuting it is great.

    Bike packing it can not be trusted. Its not designed for long rides under stress. They need to develop a different mount where there is a backup if one attachment fails.

    It's not a purse...