It's nice to have options on ice.

Black Diamond designed the Spectre Ice Piton to provide alternative, pound-in protection on mixed and thin ice lines where traditional pro is just a pipe dream. Doubling as a piton, the Spectre can be pounded into frozen moss, mud and icy cracks. A redesigned profile offers better clearance at the eye when placing or removing. Reverse teeth prevent it from being pulled out and cutouts in the body have shaved 54 grams in weight. Use it as an intermediary placement when you're desperate—just drop it in a pick placement hole and give it a couple of taps before you move on to that better ice just out of reach. Comes with a doubled Spectra sling. –Vendor

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BD Spectre

    I hate using this thing, but when I do use it, I love it. It sucks when placing in ice, it wont hold for crap. It is best when you fire it into a frozen crack, or frozen dirt, frozen moss. It is very durable, and not to hard to remove when using upward force.

    Great for ice climbing without much ice

      These new Spectres are a major improvement over the earlier model. The cut-out shaft greatly reduces weight without sacrificing strength at all. You can beat the hell out of this thing placing it and just sharpen it up like your ice tools at the end of the day. The doubled sling lets you lengthen your connection so rope whip won’t pluck it from the placement. Though it was designed for the ice, the Spectre is actually better for placing in iced-up cracks and mossy top outs. It’s great when you need it, but back it up if possible.