Black Diamond O1 Telemark Ski Binding

What goes up fast, must come down just as fast.

After winning more than its fair share of awards from almost every magazine in the ski industry, the Black Diamond 01 Telemark Ski Binding has carved out its place as a high-end, performance telemark binding. Flip between ski and tour modes with a simple push of a button, rip through technical terrain supported by an uncompromising compression spring design that offers both power and control, and glide naturally on the skin track thanks to free-pivot point action similar to that of the best alpine touring bindings. There are three flavors of cartridge flex to choose from too, so pick your poison and dive into a world of equal uphill and downhill performance.

  • One-piece stainless steel toe piece features a new 6-hole mounting pattern for increased screw pull-out resistance
  • Solid wire yoke heel piece keeps your heel firmly in place and underfoot cable
  • routing ensures smooth, uninterrupted action
  • Toggle between ski and touring modes with a simple push of a button on the toe piece
  • Three flavors of cartridge stiffness allow you to pick a cable tension that suits your skiing style specifically
  • FreeFlex is the softest tension, Midstiff is the best balance of stiffness and forgiveness, and Ridiculously Stiff is the hardest tension flex Black Diamond offers
  • Climbing wires are included with binding
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Black Diamond O1 Telemark Ski Binding

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I tele the area frequently, less so the backcountry
been on tele skiis for 22 years. 2 pair of BD bindings
ADVICE on ?why the come off --untwist themselves.
I called BD and once again-- they act like they never heard of the problem that the cartridges untwist themselves , get loose and fall off. I tried the duct tape recently_-- totally works but only lasts 1/2 day. I would like to hear more about the broccli rubber band idea? how do u attach it?
Otherwise I love these bindings -that is why this is my second pair , i love the snappyness. the bomberness. the return of ski back to boot , the sheer strength of the underboot cartridges as opposed to the sides of the boot ! best performer, but they COME OFF !

Toggle Switch

    The toggle switch to go from ski to tour mode is the green piece at the tip of the binding. Here is a video as well!!


      really easy transition between downhill and walk mode. Secure fit, I have only had the binding release once. Does not come with clips if you are interested in those.

      Bad ass

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      But yes, you must duct tape them. I've had the 4 screw rip out but never the 6.

      Heavy, Over-Built

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      There is a whole lot of metal in these, translating into a whole lot of weight, for what is essentially a cable telemark binding. I personally see little advantage to these over old-school Choinard or Voile classic cables, but man are they heavy and bulky. Plus, the heel lifts are extremely difficult to get up and down, which can be helped some with a little bench work to remove some plastic.

      super agressive binding

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      only a couple of days out on these so far, but with the redic. stiff cartridge these bindings can power big skis thru turns pretty effortlessly. the touring release works as-advertised.



      Can I retro fit the small to a standard size by ordering the backcountry kit and replacing the cables/heel pieces?

      Hey T Monty,

      The only difference between sizes is the cable length *AND the cartridge size*. BD sells replacement cables at about $25 per binding... Or you could get two of the backcountry kit - basically the same thing plus a few extra pieces for backcountry repair. If you're just trying to make the binding bigger, all you'll need is the rear cable and heel throw.

      Bottom line - either order the replacement cables (2) or the backcountry kit (2), but you wouldn't need to do both since the backcountry kit contains the replacement cables.

      So, I took Laura's advice - I have a pair of 01's, Small, and two Backcountry Repair kits in front of me. I removed the Small rear cables, and installed the Standard ones from the BC Repair kit, as Laura said. The bindings are still about 3-4 cm too short for my 29.5 boots. Any tips? What did I miss?

      *Correction* Just spoke with Black Diamond - the cartridges are sized as well so in order to make that small binding accommodate a bigger boot, you need the standard cartridges (BLD0934) as well as the standard length cables.

      Will it hold?

      I had the 4 screw binding pull twice from this ski within six months with different mounting spots. The new 6 screw version is supposed to be a whole lot better... Still testing this theory. Either way I like 22 designs better.

      Will it hold?

      Same do you know if BD warranties that or helps out with it at all?

      Same problem bud. Had the 4-screw rip out once, and just had my 6-screw rip out on the first run of the day this past weekend. Done with the BD tele gear, putting my trust in 22 Designs.

      What sized boots do a small fit? Would...

      What sized boots do a small fit? Would they be ok for a smaller lightweight (105lbs) skier? If not what do you suggest?

      Hi there,

      These would work perfectly fine for a smaller skier- I'm very similarly sized and I love the BD line! The standard cartridges on these will fit a BD boot size 25 and above, but you can purchase small cartridges separately, which will fit a size BD 24.5 and below no problem

      Here's the duct tape fix

      Here's the duct tape fix

      Super-helpful, Ed. Thanks.

      I have probably 20 days on the pair of O1s I bought myself for Christmas and came flying out of them for the fifth time this weekend. (fwiw: 145 lbs, Gotamas, 60/40 resort/sidecountry.) I bought them on and was going to write a nastygram review -- after the first time a ski came off, I've twisted them to spec EVERY time I ski, so I'm pretty annoyed.

      If the duct tape helps, I'll be REALLY happy. I'm still not sure I'd buy another pair, but except for when they utterly fail, the mid-stiffs are a snappy little binder. They click in beautifully from touring mode, haven't iced up once, and rally out of turns. Quite fun, really.

      Oh, and obviously, I've tested the leash attachment hole several times. It works great.

      I've used a really thick rubber band (like you would get on broccoli at the store) and that keeps the cartridges from loosening but also allows for adjustment.

      The best!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Thought I'd throw a review down while I'm at it. These bindings are by far the best telemark binding I've tried for resort and touring.

      Active, tough, tour very well, and the ski/climb is by far the best at resisting ice-up. Not to mention BD customer support is REDICULOUSLY awesome! These guys have taken care of this "nobody" telemark skier multiple times. BD rocks!

      *The only system I haven't tried is the tele tech, but the O1's don't leave me wanting, and my crusty old BD customs fit so well.

      Not for heavy hitters

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I put these on some blizzards and snapped them in half twice. Based on the narrow screw pattern and my heavy deep style turns, I split out the core of two skis. Also the toe piece bent irreparably twice. BD was great about it and replaced them, but in the end they're just not strong enough. Two sets lasted 5 days and 6 days respectively. I'm 200lbs. Until they failed, they were awesome...

      Been charging on these for years. Bulletproof. From what I've heard, pull outs are due to improper cartridge tension (bottoming out the spring travel). Did you triple check pretension according to specs?



      Any suggestions on the mid vs ridic...

      Any suggestions on the mid vs ridic cartridges? I'm 180 lb and on t1's and 184 Volkl Mantras. Other skis have x-mountain G3 Targa cartridges, and HH (blech - never buying those again). Thanks!

      Hey Josh,

      If you plan to ski this ski mainly in resort and want a binding that is very aggressive then I would recommend the Ridiculously stiff cartridge. This paired with your Mantra and T1 would be a killer in resort charging set up. If you want it to charge hard but plan to hike a bit with them then I would recommend the Midstiff cartridges. They will still be responsive in resort and will hike slightly better.

      Best Answer

      Rids. Makes no difference hiking. It's a free pivot binding. Also, less heel flop for sidestepping.

      Great for BC and touring

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      These bindings have made Backcountry so much better. I am in it for the climbs and these climb beautifully. I have used these for a few seasons now and am really impressed with the ease of in and out as well as the stiffness of the cartridges. I have not had one rip out with a 4 screw mount before, but knowing there are 6 screws I feel much more confident in carving really big turns.

      These are sweet.

        I have been running BD bindings with the RID STIFF cartridges for a few years now, and they are the best I have used. PLEASE BD, fix the fact that the cartridges can get loose. A locking mechanism maybe?? They come loose way more than they should, and don't give me that " you have them set up wrong" crap :)

        Dude, For everyone who doesn't know about this:

        split some duct tape in half and wrap it around both cartridges just behind the locking mechanism, carefully sticking it to itself between cartridges without pulling them together. This works perfectly, and last way longer than you would suspect!

        BD did it right

          These bindings are great. Especially with the new six hole mounting plate. You don't have to worry about ripping out of the ski and breaking the binding. BD also got rid of the small amount of play that the older models had before the cartridges engaged. Definitely a solid binding and the tour mode is awesome!


          Can you explain what the difference is that eliminated the small amount of play previous models had before the springs engaged?

          I wasn't aware there was any difference in the new model other than a six hole mount pattern, thanks.


          Black Diamond 01

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          Best binding on the market!!! Ridiculously stiff springs make them comparable to a downhill setup!!!

          Great bindings but...

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          I love these bindings because they have the ability to release tention to skin up a slope easier.

          Con. Bindings losen up while skiing, so I have to tighten them before I ski and sometimes at lunch.

          Besides that they are awesome.

          Put a piece of duct tape around both cartridges; then they won't turn.


          I'm not a fan of duct tape on my bindings or the sticky residue when it has to be removed. Another option is to mark a line on the green cable housing. That way the cartridges can easily be put back to the correct spot if/when they move. Does mean some checking and adjustment occasionally, but not a big deal.