Black Diamond Micro Stoppers
Black DiamondMicro Stoppers

Protect the cracks that you didn't even know were there.

Black Diamond Micro Stoppers are ultra-thin protection for aid climbing and thin trad lines. Copper-infiltrated steel heads fight shearing better than solid copper but are soft enough to prevent breaking the rock. The heads are swaged onto the cables, providing a more durable attachment than soldering. With Micro Stoppers you'll be able to sew up the thinnest cracks, even if you can't get your fingers in them. *Sizes 1 and 2 are meant for aid climbing only.

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    I recommend sizes 2-5 over the equivalent size BD Stoppers, especially for shallow placements. These have a good taper and typically fit with excellent surface contact. The steel-copper alloy is hard enough that it won't shear when whipped on in hard stone. When the placement is too flared for these, try DMM HB Brass Offsets

    Go with DMM

      These guys are not nearly as good as the DMM brass offsets. In terms of micro nuts, the dmm's are WAY better

      RPs are bomb

        These are much stronger for the size than regular aluminum nuts. They are pretty tough and set nicely. You should really only use the steel stoppers in hard rock like granite, use brass ones on stuff like sandstone.

        The wires can bend at the joint pretty easy, that is my only gripe but it happens, what ever...

        I love you Bigtime... Micros!!!

          Oh B.D. Micro stoppers infused with brass
          You are nothing short of Totally Kick Ass
          Your always with me when I'm out on a caper
          Your there for me when the cracks are thin as a paper
          Some people shiver but my eyes just gleam
          When ahead lies nothing but a miniscule seam
          I have no reason to fear
          When I've got you hear
          Yes right on my gear loop you wait in a set
          Oh BD Micros you are a sure fire bet
          Sometimes I'll even resort to the two and the one
          but I try not to whip because it wouldn't be fun
          But when I whittle in a good number three
          I know it is bomber and this gives me glee
          How many sad stories end with and then it got thin
          But I didn't have micros and so couldn't win
          I don't ever want to sing that sad lonesome tune
          So I always have micros when I shoot for the moon
          You've saved me from abrasions, sprains and even broken legs
          That's why to you Micros I owe oh so much thanks.
          Thank you Micros thank you.... I love you you are my bestest friend
          My love for you knows no bounds, borders nor even an end.
          So one more time micros get on my rack
          And lets go sketch out up a micro thin crack.

          wow that is impressive! nice job!

          Great nuts

            The are some great nuts! Very light and although you want your placements to be perfect with micros, these are easy enough to place. I took a few 10 ft whips on a #4 and the piece was still in tact after, no kinks. They are so light, it's worth carrying them just in case.

            ITS THE TITS!!!!

              Took a whippet on the silver, held like a champ, little deformation in the wire due to placement, but fantastic easy to place pro. I like how one of the wide sides flare for placements in little seams

              BD Micros

                I agree with Grove, I hate falling on these, but when a whipper is coming, I take at least a little reassurance in these things. Also they are way more durable than any other micro I have used. If needed you can lightly hammer them into a crack and they still remain usable afterward.

                bomber gear

                  These little wires are burly, they stand up to more beating then standard brass, and the taper makes them fit into funky cracks nicely.

                  Trust your life to these little guys.

                    So it is not my favorite activity, falling on Micro's. But if I have to these are the ones that I choose. Never let me down unless I make a bad placement. Extremely durable also, made to take a beating.