Black Diamond I-Tent Vestibule
Black DiamondI-Tent Vestibule

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Looking out of the i-tent vestibule

On mt. Whitney's trail camp at around 5: 30 am.

Looking out of the i-tent vestibule

Ya gotta have a porch

    If you can swing it, the vesty for the i-tent is super nice. I've found it to shed rain and snow pretty well. definitely essential for a pretty snug two person tent. There's also quite a bit of room in here. Awesome that Bibler designed it so it clips to the top and only needs one extra stake.

    not so good

      I bought the I-tent vestibule in the hopes that it would perform like my tent. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It collects moisture like it is its job and it is also very difficult to enter and exit. In all, I would send it back.