When your floorless shelter just doesn't provide enough protection, beef it up by adding the Black Diamond Beta Bug Mesh Shelter.

The Black Diamond Beta Bug Mesh Shelter goes inside your Betamid or Beta Light to add bug protection and a waterproof floor for times when a floorless design just won't cut it. You can also use it alone for bluebird days with a few too many flying critters. At only 29oz, the Bug Mesh Shelter adds a lot of extra protection for very little weight or bulk. This Black Diamond shelter sets up with the two trekking poles you're already using to hike, so you don't have to carry tent poles.

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Unanswered Question

Going to be using this with the Beta Light--debating whether or not to seam seal the bathtub floor, any opinion on whether I should bother?

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Would this be compatible with the golite shangri-la 2?

It works!

    This tent keeps bugs out.

    I set it up in the forest.

    I sat outside the tent.

    I saw mosquitoes, a lady bug, an ant attempt entry.

    They failed.

    The bugs could not enter this tent.

    It works!

    Hi this product looks amazing!! I don't...

    Hi this product looks amazing!! I don't walk with poles if I purchase this does it come with poles or will I have to buy them separately? I noticed the beta mid and the beta light both don't come with poles. Cheers!

    I think you will need to buy some poles, or just use sticks from the forrest.

    LOVE it!

      We are loving our new Black Diamond Beta Bug Shelter! My wife was not very stoked to sleep under our BD Beta-Mid, until we added the Beta Bug Shelter. Now she LOVES our new sleeping setup! Super easy to set up, and much more room than our standard 2-person tent.
      Condensation is a bit of an issue, after a cold night sleeping 2 people, but not that much worse than our old small tent.
      The flexibility of the Beta-Mid makes for great shading/ventilation options when the sun comes up!

      Highly recommended, but it is part of our tent quiver. Not sure I would rely on this tent, alone, for all conditions.

      I used the Black Diamond Mega Bug Shelter...

      I used the Black Diamond Mega Bug Shelter on a NOLS course and I know it sleeps 4, does this tent sleep 4, 3, or 2? The picture looks decieving on the size, it's about the same footprint as the above mentioned.

      this is two a two person tent

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      Typo on the weight? Under weight it says...

      Typo on the weight? Under weight it says "2 lbs 13 ounces (825 g)" but 825 grams is 1 lb 13 oz. Also the description is correct stating that it's 29 oz. Plus Bdel says it's 825 g. :)

      Betalight Georgia test

        I baught the beta light for Comberland island Georgia in late july. This was the best thing i had on the trip. Although the bugs were not really bad, this shelter allowed much air to circulate. I used it with a simple light weight 10 x 10 tarp. Also, i hung the beta with cord instead of poles. Poles get in the way. Several good thundersotrms proved that i needed to close the ends of my tarp. Will work on this idea. Otherwise very good bug shelter.

        If I wanted to put it in my yard could I...

        If I wanted to put it in my yard could I use it to sunbathed and not get bit by bugs would the sun be able to come through?

        Yes to all!


          I bought the Beta Light after seeing someone use a teepee style tent for winter camping. It is incredilbily lite and small, and lots of space. This is more of an A frame though.

          The BetaBug allows me to have a light weight "tent" when I would carry trekking poles anyway. Still pretty light if I bring the poles just for the tent.

          I have not used it too much so far, but it lookes to have a solid bathtub floor, and the netting will keep you from touching the tent wall, which might have condensation. A small glitch which Bibler said they plan to fix, is the Bug's Door opens on the right, and the tarp on the left, when it is staked out. I may get the tarp sewn so I can stake out the other side.

          You can unstake one of the front corners of the tarp, and roll it back so u get not only a front view, but a large side view as well. Then roll it shut by looping the tie out over the stake, perhaps just before falling asleep. It would be nice if you could stake out the door into an awning so you could leave it open when raining, when there no rain, might be able to add a little fabric a do this.

          BetaBug Review

            I love my BetaBug. I had the Betamid, which is the perfect tarp for my outdoor adventures...just about 2 pounds! The BetaBug gives the the added protection from nature's relentless nuisances...mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and other airborne pests. Thanks to the BetaBug I can get a restful nights sleep to tackle the next day's hike!