Black Diamond AvaLung II
Black DiamondAvaLung II

Breathe easy in the backcountry.

The Black Diamond AvaLung II is a simple filtration device that draws air directly from the snowpack in the event of a full burial. Even dense avalanche debris consists of approximately 50% air that the AvaLung membrane is able to extract from the snow while removing exhaled CO2 away to help reduce the chance of an ice mask from forming around the mouth and nose. And while the AvaLung II is an excellent tool to add to your backcountry safety kit, it should always be paired with a shovel, beacon, probe, knowledge, and experience partners that can rescue in the event a slide occurs.

  • Avalanche safety device extracts oxygen from snowpack
  • Diverts CO2 away from mouth for fresh-air intake
  • Adjustable sling ensures a comfortable, secure fit
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Great to have

    I gave this as a gift but the receiver loves it. It is a great piece of equipment to have for piece of mind for any backcountry adventures!


      S/M Fits 44 kg-73 kg (100-160 lb)
      M/L Fits 68 kg-102 kg (150-225 lb)

      Saved my life!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have skied the back country regularly for 7 years, most of which included carrying an AvaLung. Granted, I don't ski every lap with it in my mouth, but I have it for those scarier than average slopes. I skied one of those scarier than average slopes this past Monday when I was carried over a cliff and buried 4 feet deep on a Colorado pass. Total rescue time was about 15 minutes during which I breathed normally using my AvaLung. I never had any indication that my oxygen was running short during the time it took my partner to find and rescue me! CAIC reminded me in a call the next day that 15 minutes was often fatal from Asphyxiation. I truly believe I am alive today as a result of using my AvaLung!

      Perfect addition

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      This is the perfect addition for anyone who already has a great pack but needs/wants an extra avalanche precaution. Love the versatility of this product for that reason.

      Unanswered Question

      How does the avylung fit in the pack? How do you use it and can I use with my existing backpack?

      Already have a pack you love? No problem

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      One of the biggest hardships of skiing or riding with a pack is finding a pack that fits you well and allows you to still move naturally. I've used both this apparatus as well as the Avalung packs, and prefer the free unit because it simply allows me to use which ever pack fits me best while still providing some avalanche safety measures.


        Got my Avalung today and Im super happy! The quality is amazing.. as expected and I cant wait to test this baby out next season ! Hopefully I wont have to use it in NZ but It's comforting to know that its there those unexpected heavy powder heli-days !!! We will continue to buy Avalung... safety is always our priority ! ;)

        Unanswered Question

        I wear XXL and XL shirts will this for me the L size? And is it compatible with any backpack?

        One Item you don't want to ever use!

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        This thing is pretty cool. It is one of the items that you buy for backcountry skiing that you never want to have to use. If you don't have money for an airbag this is an inexpensive solution to help you during an avalanche.
        The one issue that I have with the Avalung is that it is kind of in the way. If you are wearing your beacon on your chest and you have your backpack on then you get this big cluster of gear on your chest. And if you need to get to your beacon in a hurry then you might be fumbling around a bit especially with gloves on. If you have the extra cash I would suggest getting one of the BD backpacks with the Aqualung combined. This will keep your beacon clear and free.

        Still Useful

        Despite the rise of airbags, I still think the avalung has it's place. In Hokkaido Japan it acts as a snorkel!

        Still Useful

        Hahaha, good one Richard!

        That's a terrible "Dad joke" Rich ;)

        AH ha ha ha ha !

        Proverbial Snorkel

          Have you ever been downing in powder!? Well, if you'd like to, or even some times when you wouldn't, this will help you breathe.

          It fits under your backpack, and will keep you alive longer if you are buried by an avalanche or stuck in a tree well (if you get it in your mouth), whats not to like?

          Bonus, when you are choking on all of those face shots, this is your snorkel.


          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          I was in between sizes at 5'9 150 lbs. I went with the S/M and its fine with layers under it. In hindsight a M/L might have been more appropriate, but no complaints. Face planting into the soww to test it out I really can breath through it. Very cool. An even better feature than buying you some more time to be dug up is its ability to make RACE CAR sounds. You will feel so cool skining past people on the trail making the sound of a Ferrari as you hum into the mouth piece. And what better way to connect powder turns then pretending you are a formula-1 car zipping through the esses as you hum away into your avalung! :)

          Not a bad option, but not the best

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          I've spent some time grappling with the pros and cons of the Avalung after skiing with one for quite a while. I've skied with both the Bandit pack and the Avalung sling. I'm giving it 3 stars because when you consider the other available options out there today for avalanche safety I believe that this option is subpar. Here are my reasons.

          1. Any kind of airbag is a better option. Today these are reasonably priced (at least from BCA) and give you a significantly better shot of survival. Staying on top of the slide is obviously a better option than being tossed around inside of it no matter how long you can breathe in there.

          2. Unless you feel like skiing every lap with the mouthpiece in (which I'm not going to do, but maybe that's just me) you're going to be lucky to get this thing into your mouth. I've been caught and carried in two slides, ridiculously lucky to not have been fully buried in either, but I can tell you that mid line when everything fractures around you even if you're lucky enough to stay on your feet it will be tough to get this in your mouth when that level of shock hits you.

          3. If you're going to go the Avalung route because it's all you have cash for I recommend going for a pack. This is because the separate Avalung will only be one more barrier between you and your beacon to get through if you need to dig someone out. Again when the shock hits and your hands are shaking like crazy it's one more thing you don't want to deal with. However, when caught in a slide they are more than powerful enough to rip your backpack off. Not great either way.

          At the end of the day I see the pros of the system and there certainly are cases where it has saved lives, but I stopped wearing mine. When it comes to your life and the lives of your friends in the backcountry you should go with the best available option. Today that would be an airbag pack and not an Avalung in my opinion, but I guess its better than nothing if you really can't get an airbag.

          Excellent review. While the Avalung is 1 more piece of life saving equipment (why not carry it?) the two cons are 1. Can limit access to beacon 2. getting/keeping mouthpiece in while in a slide. If you travel alone in the backcountry I highly recommend it as a piece of equipment.

          But... rule #1 is to never venture alone!

          It is a bit of a hassle to ski with a mouthpiece in during laps, but really the only effective way to use this piece of equipment. I got used to mine after a few laps.

          Completely agree it really is the only effective way to use it, maybe if I committed more to it I would get used to it... but I still just don't want to ski with it my mouth every lap. Although I should admit if that's the difference between surviving a slide or not it is obviously worth getting used to the hassle.

          The key point... the Avalung is great for deep powder riding, breathing during extended coverups, face shots, or powder waves over your head... a powder snorkel indeed.

          What works better: the Avalung II or an...

          What works better: the Avalung II or an Avalung backpack? Like would you have a longer lasting air pocket when buried using one over the other?

          I've not used the Avalung II but have had a few of the avalung packs. And I look at it as such, will you be wearing a pack? why wear 2 different things strapped onto you. If you're just charging inbounds with light deep snow perhaps a Ava II will be fine but if you're going into the BC carry less.

          Don't leave home without it!

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          Beacon, shovel, and probe are the essential tools, but this is also a MUST for me. Fact is, BSP will help in your recovery, but you don't have anything to help you in the moment. If you're lucky enough to keep the mouthpiece in, this is a great tool to help increase your chances of survival. If you have the money, I would still recommend going with an airbag. Airbags are a proven technology with a lot of data to back it up. Avalungs are great, but the chances of you keeping the mouthpiece in is small relative to the probability of the bag deploying .

          This is a very cheap piece of equipment that everyone should have. It weighs practically nothing, and is comfortable to wear all day long.

          can you rig this so it fits inside an ABS...

          can you rig this so it fits inside an ABS pack? (instead of wearing it under)

          I do not believe you can rig this with an ABS pack because of the diameter of the sleeve within the shoulder straps.

          This is designed to be worn over your jacket. Even non Avalung Black diamond packs can't be (simply anyway) modified to carry an avalung.

          If you really need the avalung with the ABS pack go with this harness and wear it under your jacket\pack. But adding the system to a pack that doesn't have the proper access will be difficult and could render both of the systems (airbag and lung) inoperable.

          Alpen glow and AvaLung

          Dave popping turns in the pow-pow in the Alta backcountry

          Alpen glow and AvaLung

          Make sure you have it deployed!

          Not much use if you don't have it in your mouth (or at least unzipped) when riding in avalanche terrain!

          Make sure you  have it deployed!

          Mega Neat Photo!

          This pic was featured in the EXPLORE article below:

          A must have for any backcountry skier.

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          The Black Diamond AvaLung II is a must for anyone in the backcountry. The design of this product is genius. Pulling oxygen from your environment and discharging your CO2 will save your life in an avalanche. When you're buried under the snow and waiting for your buddy to get his beacon, shovel, and probe out, time is crucial. Without the Avalung you may only have a few minutes to live. SO I hope your friend is quite a good digger. But with the Avalung and an extra 30-45 minutes of oxygen flow you have a much higher chance of surviving after being buried. Check out my attached picture to really understand the risks.

          I use the Avalung with my North Face ABS Vest. Fits perfectly. The mesh part of the vest lines up with the vent for the Avalung to discharge CO2. I've yet had to use it, thankfully. However, I breathe much easier knowing I have the Avalung on me.

          If you live in an area with wet snow, you should really really buy this. The wet snow makes it harder to breathe regularly under the weight of snow. And this will really help.

          Remember, asphyxiation is not fun. Buy an Avalung.

          A must have for any backcountry skier.

          Can you Wear it with a Back pack?

          Can you Wear it with a Back pack?

          Yes, you can wear it with a bacpack- I wear mine with my pack. Just be sure to check and double check that your pack is not covering up or pinching the vent where your CO2 is expelled.