Beyond YogaMake A Slash High-Waisted Long Legging - Women's

Yoga pants 1. Regular pants 0.

The debate of whether or not yoga pants are socially acceptable to wear outside of the studio has clearly sided with the legging lovers. It’s not your fault they happen to look fabulous with all of your favorite oversized tees and sporty crop tops. Take the Beyond Yoga Women’s Make A Slash High-Waisted Long Legging for example. The synthetic fabric offers a soft, cotton-like feel, while still maintaining a solid shape when stretched. Your traditional jeans will never offer the same smooth silhouette as this legging’s form-flattering high waistline. And to top it off, the perforated mesh panels gives you a fun, modern look without ripping your closet apart.

  • Form-flattering high-waisted leggings for the city and studio
  • Innovative performance fabric offers stretch and breathability
  • Five-inch waistband provides ample cover over the lower stomach
  • Perforated mesh paneling adds an ultra-modern appeal
  • Full-length coverage for legging lovers and yoga lovers alike
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