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The defining feature of Bent Metal's new line of bindings is the interchangeable Flex Control Drive Plates. These are essentially the footbed and bottom of the baseplates, and there are three different options that each offer a different ride, meaning you can switch up the feel of your bindings without switching bindings.

Each offering (soft, medium, and stiff), features a shock-absorbing EVA top layer and a reinforced nylon bottom layer—where they differ is in the middle layers. The medium plates, which is featured on the Transfer binding, features layers of fiberglass/boron, eco-sublimated sheets, and a poly core sandwiched between to deliver a lively medium flex. The softer option, featured on the Logic binding, has a similar construction, but with basic biax fiberglass layers to give it a more forgiving feel that's suited to freestyle riding. The final option is the stiff plate that comes with the Solution binding. It sports layers of carbon fiber, Bio Beans eco-sublimated layers, and a maple wood core to provide an insanely stiff and responsive feel, making it ideal for aggressive riders who need lightning-fast response and uncompromising stability when shredding big mountains.

  • Interchangeable baseplates for Bent Metal bindings
  • Three unique constructions provide different rides
  • Soft, medium, and stiff options (each sold separately)
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