• Bell - Transfer-9 - Gloss Black/Hibiscus
    Bell - Transfer-9 - 3/4 Back
  • Bell - Transfer-9 - Gloss Black/Hibiscus
  • Bell - Transfer-9 - 3/4 Back
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Bell Transfer-9

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Tech Specs

Shell Material:
Multiple Impact:
Overbrow vents
Fit Adjustment:
XT-2 pads, 3D formed cheekpads
CPSC Bicycle, CE EN 1078, ASTM F1952, ASTM F2032-06
Claimed Weight:
1200 g
Recommended Use:
mountain biking, freeride, dh, enduro, trail
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 year

All the protection, half the price

Little brother to the Full-9, Bell's Transfer 9 is not small on features or protection. Using its unrivaled moto experience, Bell designed a helmet that protects your noggin at about half the price.

You'd expect that for half the price, the Transfer-9 would have half the features. But, this is far from the truth. Instead this CE, CPSC, and ASTM certified helmet was designed using slightly heavier materials than the Full-9.  Whereas the shell of the Full-9 is carbon, the Transfer uses a composite material — it adds about 150 grams to the weight of the helmet. In the grand scheme, however, 1200 grams is still very light for a full coverage helmet. It won't make you feel like a bobble-head or tire out your neck muscles. The biggest plus is that it drops the price. The profile of the two helmets is nearly identical with extra padding and coverage in the back. Added to the Transfer-9 is a breakaway camera mount that doesn't compromise the integrity of the helmet. The visor also features breakaway screws.

To ensure that the helmet fits your head, the 3D-formed quick-snap cheekpads and interior padding are adjustable. Additionally, the Transfer-9 includes the Eject helmet removal system which allows emergency crews to remove your helmet without risk of further injury, should your day go awry. The padding is removable and washable. 

The design of a full-face helmet inherently means that there are fewer vents than a standard helmet. Bell combats this using the Overbrow ventilation, which places three large vents at the forehead to move air back through the helmet. Finally, so that you can hear your favorite tunes while on the trails, the Transfer-9 uses Soundtrax speaker pockets. These integrated pockets hold your earbuds so that you don't need to modify the structure of the helmet.

The Bell Transfer-9 Helmet comes in sizes X-Small through XX-Large. It is available in 3 colors: Yellow/purple hydra, Glow Green 54, and Black/white/red element.

  • Advanced full-face protection that won't break the bank
  • Composite outer shell is lightweight but tough
  • Downhill certified so you're ready to get rowdy
  • Overbrow ventilation keeps you cool during midsummer laps
  • Integrated speaker pockets for distraction-free tunes
  • Breakaway camera mount for safely capturing footage
  • 3D-formed padding is adjustable for optimal fit
  • Emergency removal system in case of a serious crash

Solid Helmet - Even Better Price

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

After a few DH days with my Smith Forefront helmet I decided it was time to fork over the coin for a legit full face helmet.

I looked at some of the helmets like the Bell Super 2R thinking it'd be nice to have one helmet that could do both but it fit terrible and was so uncomfortable. Plus after looking at it realized its not as sturdy as the Bell Transfer 9.

My head is 22.5" in circumference. Which puts me on the upper end of the fit chart fort he Medium (21.625 - 22.5in). It's a snug fit but that is how I've always worn my full face helmets from when I raced go-karts to when I rode dirt bikes. I was made fun of yesterday because it presses my cheeks in so much but it's a solid fit that in comfortable.

The first day I had mine on we got to the bottom of the run and my riding partner who rides with the same helmet decided to put his to the test and bounce his face off the ground. Took a nice shot to the chin and walked away unharmed. His helmet had a nice gash and some battle scratches but he was totally fine. So the helmet does protect!

General PSA kids: Always wear a helmet!

If you want to chat about this helmet or any other helmet, feel free to hit me up!

Great helmet for the price

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size

This helmet design fits my head nicely. I have worn this helmet for most of the day and at no point get uncomfortable. The padding around my cheeks stabilizes the helmet nicely and it ventilates reasonably well for a full face. The color scheme is nice too. Its a good helmet for the price.


4Forty, Annex, Catalyst, Drifter, Falcon, Formula, Hub, Sixer, Stratus, Super 3R, Super Air R, Super DH, Z20

Head Circumference

20.5 - 22in

(52 - 56cm)

21.7 - 23.2in

(55 - 59cm)

22.8 - 24.4in

(58 - 62cm)

24 - 25.6in

(61 - 65cm)

Full-9, Full-9 Fusion
Head Circumference

20.1 - 20.9in

(51 - 53cm)

20.9 - 21.7in

(53 - 55cm)

21.7 - 22.4in

(55 - 57cm)

22.4 - 23.2in

(57 - 59cm)

23.2 - 24in

(59 - 61cm)

24 - 24.8in

(61 - 63cm)

Head Circumference

20.1 - 21.7in

(51 - 55cm)

21.7 - 23.2in

(55 - 59cm)

23.2 - 24.8in

(59 - 63cm)

Lil Ripper
Head Circumference

17.7 - 20.5in

(45 - 52cm)

18.9 - 21.7in

(48 - 55cm)

Local, Span
Head Circumference

19.3 - 20.9in

(49 - 53cm)

20.1 - 21.7in

(51 - 55cm)

21.7 - 23.2in

(55 - 59cm)

23.2 - 24.2in

(59 - 61.5cm)

 S / MM / L
Head Circumference

19.7 - 22.4in

(50 - 57cm)

21.3 - 24in

(54 - 61cm)

 AdultWomen / Youth
Head Circumference

20.9 - 23.6in

(53 - 60cm)

20.5 - 22.4in

(52 - 57cm)

Sanction, Transfer-9
Head Circumference

18.9 - 20.1in

(48 - 51cm)

20.5 - 21.3in

(52 - 54cm)

21.7 - 22.4in

(55 - 57cm)

22.8 - 23.6in

(58 - 60cm)

Sidetrack, Spark
Head Circumference

18.5 - 21.3in

(47 - 54cm)

19.7 - 22.4in

(50 - 57cm)

How to Measure:
For best results, use a tape measure to measure around your head where your hat would fit comfortably.