ARVAReactor 18L Airbag Backpack

Avy savvy.

Just because you're only getting one run in doesn't mean you should backcountry ski unprepared. You always need your beacon, probe, shovel, and a backcountry buddy, and airbag packs certainly go a long way when it comes to avalanche safety. The Reactor 18 Airbag Backpack pairs Arva's reliable Reactor airbag with a smaller backcountry backpack suitable for speedy, one-run tours. Just because it's smaller doesn't mean Arva scrapped all the convenient features for backcountry touring; it still boasts a ski carry, snowboard carry, hydration compatibility, and an avalanche gear sleeve despite its small size.

The airbag itself features a gas canister deployment (cylinder sold separately) through dual air chambers around your neck, head, and sides for increased shock absorption and overall reliability. There's a chance an avalanche could pop an airbag, but this bag's dual chamber design can help you stay afloat if only one chamber pops. Arva made the safe-locking, retractable handle completely adjustable so you can place it right where you want. You can always remove the airbag and place it in one of Arva's bigger backpacks for day-long or multi-day tours.

  • Airbag backpack for quick tours through backcountry's avy terrain
  • Airbag deploys with gas canister (sold separately)
  • Double chambers increase reliability if one side pops
  • Safe-locking, retractable handle adjusts up and down shoulder straps
  • Removable airbag pairs with other Arva Reactor backpacks
  • Smaller 18L capacity ideal for minimalist tours
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