Built for dynamic alpine activities.

First and foremost, Arc'teryx shaped the Men's Gamma MX Softshell Jacket for mobility and outfitted it with highly breathable shell fabric for comfortable temperature regulation. Alpine climbers and backcountry skiers can wear this midweight jacket alone in mild, mixed weather conditions, or they can wear this jacket as an insulating layer beneath a storm shell.

  • Lightweight shell fabric breathes easily
  • DWR coating causes light precipitation to bead and roll off the surface of the fabric
  • Fleecy interior face of the shell fabric provides a touch of warmth
  • Articulated cut and gusseted underarms allow for full range of motion and freedom of movement
  • Hip-length jacket has slight drop tail for added protection
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Great look and fit.

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: L

Right out of the bag, this Jacket is amazing. Great look, and very comfortable. Technical and fashionable!

Great Piece

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: Medium

Bought this for a friend, this is his take: Really like this softshell - versatile, comfortable, functional on the trail and looks sharp around town. Good water repellency and wind blockage. Sleek fit with a surprising amount of pocket space hiding within. My only beef is the length; wish the cut was just a biiit longer. Unless I'm wearing a baselayer under this, my shirt almost always falls below the hem. Minor gripe, but it keeps me from wearing this in absolutely every situation. But I still wear it in most. Fits true to Arcteryx sizing - snug but true. I'm 5'10", 175 and have the medium.

Great Softshell

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: True to size

It is comfortable, warm and good looking. Its breathability and soft fleece inside makes it a very comfortable layer for multiple uses. I plan on having this jacket for years to come. I especially love the arm pocket and the waist ties. Plan on using it as a layer for skiing and backcountry play and it is fantastic for tooling around town!

Unanswered Question

Which version the Gamma MX is? 2016?

Bizarre fit

  • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it
  • Fit: Runs small
  • Size Bought: Large

I pretty consistently wear a large. Got this jacket after reading reviews and while the waist, shoulders and arm length fit perfectly, the torso was laughably short. Raising my arms above my head pulled it above my belly button. I don’t know who this was designed for? Quality looks fine.

I just got the same in size medium and it's very short. What did you end up switching to?

Pricey but great!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: m

Love this jacket. Lightweight but reasonably warm. Very comfortable. Fairly dressy but very functional. Almost waterproof and windproof. I had the prior version for years and liked it so well I just bought this new one.

Hey Michael, thanks for the post! I am so happy to hear that you love the jacket! I do want to let you know that this jacket is not completely waterproof nor is it completely windproof. However, it does have a Durable Water Repellent on it so water should bead off of it if you are not in a torrential downpour. It also does a great job at cutting most of the wind you will get experience at high altitudes. Enjoy the jacket and let me know if you ever need any assistance with anything.

Gamma MX

    The Gamma MC is a great lightweight jacket. I have need wearing it almost daily in a variety of climates. It blocks the wind really well, repels light rain and has been comfortable in temperatures from 40 to 60f.
    A little pricey, but worth it so far!

    Thanks for the review Williams!

    better than Epsilon LT

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times
    • Fit: True to size
    • Size Bought: Medium

    I'll review both the Gamma MX and the Epsilon LT, which I considered and ordered, and why I kept the Gamma.

    I was looking for basically a more fleece-like jacket, with the added benefit of some wind resistance and a smooth face fabric to resist stains and pilling. Use for bike commuting in dry, cold weather, and as a casual piece during the fall/winter.

    I initially considered the Gamma MX, Epsilon LT, and the Gamma LT, all of which seem somewhat similar. I eliminated the Gamma LT as it seemed closer to a shell from what I could tell, and lacked a nice inner fleece fabric, which is a must, as I plan to wear it over just a t-shirt and want a nice fabric on my skin. Aesthetically, I didn't like the Arc'teryx logo on the back of the Gamma LT neck either.

    So I ordered the Epsilon LT and the Gamma MX. My impressions:

    Fit: Fit is about the same, the Epsilon seems just a tad longer and slimmer, while the Gamma MX is a bit boxier it feels. Perhaps this is because the fabric on the Epsilon is quite a bit stiffer. Overall, size M for me, 5' 10, 160lbs, was just about perfect, and consistent with Arcteryx sizing.

    Fabric: Both are so good, but different. The Epsilon is classified in some places as a "hard-fleece" which I figured would be more fleece-like than a softshell, assuming the continuum from fleece to shell goes from soft to hard, comfortable to stiff. Not so. The Epsilon is quite a bit more rigid, and doesn't fold and flex like the Gamma MX. It's not bad, it's just not what I wanted. If you're looking for a more handsome jacket to maybe wear business casual, the Epsilon definitely looks better because of that rigidity, and it feels tough as nails, it's really a cool fabric. On the other hand, the Gamma MX is very soft, supple, and lightweight, and I like the way it moves with me much more. It's a lot more comfortable, but feels a little less robust.

    Features: Both are great. I'm not a fan of the contrasting color of the bicep pocket on either jacket. Zippers are nice, pockets are large on both. The chest pockets on the Gamma look nice and are roomy, but I don't plan on using them for much. There's a really nice storm-flap on the Gamma, coated in some sort of rubberized plastic, and it's nice. The zipper is nicer on the Gamma. And the SLEEVE CUFFS. This, in the end, was the make or break feature for me. The Epsilon LT cuffs are really annoying. They're too big, so you get the sleeves coming down over your hands all the time. Maybe that's nice if you're wearing a base layer or a shirt with cuffs on it, but the Gamma MX cuffs are perfect size, and keep the sleeves from coming too far down. While wearing the Epsilon, I found myself constantly annoyed with the cuffs in my way. The Gamma cuffs are perfect, I never think about them at all.

    I can't comment too much on performance comparisons, because I didn't test the Epsilon before returning. However, the Gamma is great as far as breathability and windproofness. It feels lighter than you'd expect, but in 45 degrees, riding 30mph on a bike, it blocked 90+ % of the wind coming through, and didn't get all clammy. That's much better than any other softshell I've ever used, including Polartec PowerShield and a Marmot ROM. It's expensive, but it works well.

    In the end, both jackets are fantastic, and I would expect the Epsilon to perform similarly to the Gamma MX as far as breathability and windproofness. But the cuffs on the Gamma MX are what sealed the deal for me, as petty as that sounds. Maybe that should give some insight as to how similar these jackets feel in form and function.

    Where is that made?

    I own six Arc'Teryx jackets and four were made in China, other two in Bangladesh. Pretty sure the Gamma MX is made in China - my Gamma LT was made there.

    What is the center back length of a medium?

    28 inches

    Arcterex phoned this jacket in...

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
    • Fit: True to size

    I recently traveled to the Canadian Rockies and forgot my technical shell. I didn't want to buy another; the forecast for the Columbia Icefields called for steady rain. So, I bought this jacket because my softshell was old. My only experience with soft shells was with Mountain Hardwear, with fully taped seams, windproof and almost fully waterproof. I expected this jacket to be a true technical softshell based on brand and price. Boy! Was I stupid! This is an overpriced fleece jacket at best. Perfect for early fall walking down the suburban streets of some ultra rich town to show off. I have had warmer, windproof and more water resistant jackets for half the price. Learn from my mistake. Do your research and compare features. Arcterex should be ashamed of the engineering and construction of this jacket at a $300 price tag.

    This is mjm signing back in to clarify. I was not looking for a hardshell. I wanted a TECHNICAL SOFTSHELL which I think should have the following characteristics: windproof, water resistant (with taped seams in critical areas), and fleece warmth for a windy, 40 degree day. Please tell me if my definition is incorrect. As for the Gamma MX, it does not meet the above criteria.

    A hardshell is meant to be wind and waterproof. I have never expected a hardshell to be warm by itself. You always must layer properly under a hardshell.

    Please give prospective buyers the data they need to make an informed decision about a purchase. $300 is a lot of money. I welcome additions to this discussion.

    I have read countless reviews (here on BC, Arc's site & other online retailers) on the Gamma MX, as I've been looking at buying one myself for awhile. The vast majority of them comment on the breathability of the Gamma MX and it's versatility through a wide range of temperatures. Its ability to shed outside precip comes primarily via the DWR treatment, but as most all other stretch-woven softshells it will wet out sooner than not. Arc'Teryx doesn't market it saying anything different and countless online reviews of the jacket back this up. I own the Gamma LT and while it features slightly different Fortius fabric its properties are similar. I do also own the Arc'Teryx Venta AR softshell, which sounds like it would have fit your needs far better: it's a three-layer Windstopper (which does exactly what the name suggests), and having a membrane it has never gotten me wet in the snow. I've never subjected it to prolonged rain so I cannot comment on that, as Windstopper membranes aren't typically billed as being completely waterproof. The jacket has light insulation, and this combined with the jacket being windproof allows retention of quite a bit of warmth. I will wear this jacket in Wisconsin a bit below 30F just walking around town, and have taken it in to the teens when being more active. The differences between the Gamma MX and the Venta AR I describe here are readily available through the Arc'Teryx website and just about any other online retailer which sells & reviews their products. I would agree that $300 is quite a lot of ca$h to spend on a jacket that clearly doesn't do what you were counting on it to do. If someone "sold you" on the Gamma performing more like the Venta AR I describe then I wouldn't blame you for being upset. I post this simply to point out that Arc'Teryx offers a variety of different softshells offering a variety of performance features, including varying degrees of wind/water resistance & temperature tolerance.

    Is it possible to get the sleeves tailored shorter? The XL fits perfect on my larger arms but the sleeves need to be about 1.5 inches shorter. Not sure if my local tailor would be able to get the job done.

    I would say that it's possible, but the tailor would probably ask that you exonerate them regarding any situation that might result in an undesirable outcome for the jacket, and consequently, you. If I had to guess, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a tailor that would take on that project; I would think that there is a relatively high likelihood that the tailor would have a difficult time restitching the necessary pieces into place, on top of the fact that it would very likely reduce the performance capability of this jacket. I would assume Arc'teryx would use some specialty thread and/or glue to secure their fabrics together, so I personally wouldn't risk taking it to a tailor, but like I said, I'd say anything is possible.

    Thank you for the reply. I've seen a few people in forums talk about people who specialize in tailoring gore tex stuff and was hoping maybe even a regular tailor could handle it. Seems like it would be a big hassle though and probably not worth the trouble.

    What is the difference between this jacket and the Epsilon LT in terms of fit and function? (Other than the chest pockets)

    Best Answer

    The Gamma is not as breathable as the Epsilon. Its going to be a warmer jacket but, the Epsilon will breathe better. I would use the Epsilon jacket for more aerobic adventures or if you just run really hot. They both will fit the same.

    How cold can this jacket tolerate? Can I...

    How cold can this jacket tolerate? Can I trust this jacket with temps that dip into the 5 to 10 degree range (assuming I stay somewhat active)? I know I would have to wear some sort of baselayer, but, is this jacket capable of keeping someone warm in colder temperatures?

    Hey Steve,

    There's no accounting for personal comfort levels, but without a pretty heavy baselayer, I'd be nervous about this piece in 5-10 degree weather (assuming we're talking Farenheit, anyway.) This jacket is only very lightly insulated-- the new Fortius 2.0 fabric is laminated to a 160 gm weight fleece, but it's definitely still a softshell, so you'd likely need additional warmth from other layers for serious below-freezing temps.

    Please give me a shout if you have any other questions! 800.409.4502. ext 4456.

    Thanks Lara, I appreciate your input.

    Best Answer

    Steve... for just walking around town, I'm comfortable in this jacket into the mid-thirties with just a t-shirt underneath (assuming no wind). Lara seems tougher than me.

    Haha, thanks David. Good perspective.

    Steve, Ive had this for a winter and its not bad for 40's or higher, but it is defiantly not that warm. I have a Lorum jacket now with Polartec and for the same thickness, they Lorum is much much warmer. However, if you are looking for a late summer-early fall jacket, its not bad.

    Kyle, thanks for your perspective. I appreciate it. I eventually decided against this jacket, mainly because of the reviews here in response to my question. I'm certainly not doubting this is an amazing jacket, but it isn't the right one for the purpose I need. I was really looking for something warmer that can tolerate really cold temperatures.

    I wear my Venta AR in the 20s & 30s just running errands with only one layer underneath. I can take it colder if doing something active or if I get "creative" with layering. I've found it a great colder-temp alternative to the Gamma.

    whats the difference between this yrs model...

    whats the difference between this yrs model and last years?

    There is no difference between this current years model and last (except some colour changes). If I recall the last time they changed the jacket was in the Fall 12 version when the revised the cut/style of jacket and changed from polartec powersheild to the current fortius 2.0 fabric.

    so im guessing fortius 2.0 is better than the polartec powershield as far as materials go

    some say no, they liked the polartec p-s better.

    Fortius is a bit more breathable and is slightly warmer than the old Polartec PS. This is not based on any scientific testing but just regular usage of both versions of the jacket. I did find powersheild to cut the wind a bit better. lastly I find the fortius fabric seems to resist fading and the discolouration at he cuffs and hems.

    Do these run slimmer than Epsilon series?...

    Do these run slimmer than Epsilon series? I normally wear a small but I found a clearanced small in nightshade and it was tight. Thanks

    The epsilon series is wider in the Chest (since the fabric has less stretch). Shoulder witdth is about the same. The new epsilon LT however is much slimmer than the old AR/SV series .

    Absolutely right regarding newer cut of the Epsilon LT. I tried a medium Epsilon in fall '15 and it's by FAR the slimmest cut of all the Arc' medium-sized softshells I own or have tried on.

    I wish to be buried in this garment.

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit: True to size

    That is all. My legal counsel has already been informed.

    Also, prAna stretch zion pants. Get em now before Columbia changes them.


    David, you are the best!

    Handsome Blackbird

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times
    • Fit: True to size

    Fell in love with the unique design of the jacket. The two chest pockets and logo really set it apart from the crowd. I got the Blackbird in a large. Its sporty and handsome. I'm 5/10 160 athletic build and the fit for me is near perfect. I use it for hiking , walking and for going around town. These things aren't cheap, but hey Arc'teryx is Arc'teryx.

    very good jacket

    • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it
    • Fit: Runs small

    Very good quality and well made. Only problem is it's a very slim fit. I am usually medium size in all other brand ( TNF, Mountain Hardwear, Patagonia ... ) but Arcteryx is so tight that can't wear anything under it. And sleeves are little too long so I can't wear large. If you are slim and long type than go for it.

    My Favorite Jacket

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit: True to size

    This jacket is incredibly comfortable and holds up well against the wind and rain. This is my 'go-to' jacket in my closet. I'm 6"5 220lbs and went with a Large. Great fit. Plenty of sleeve length and fits well through the body.

    Hello Stephen. did you layer much? I'm 6'2", 227 (and dropping) and usually wear an XXL, certainly would in an ArcTeryx. Was a large very trim/snug for you? Thx

    Jim, Just saw your comment!... No, I typically don't layer much with this jacket; if I did, I would have adequate room for a base layer and a sweater. The jacket has what I would say an "athletic" fit, but the material and overall fit allow for excellent range of motion. Hope this helps!