A mountaineering-worthy winter shell that'll put a smile on even the most seasoned veteran's face.

Arc'teryx has earned a reputation in the outdoor industry for making some of the toughest gear available. Arc'teryx doesn't pull any punches when it designs its gear. Nowhere is this more evident than its SV line of clothing—the burliest clothing that Arc'teryx makes. For 2013, Arc'teryx redesigned its venerable Alpha SV Jacket around a high-density nylon face fabric with a Gore-Tex Pro 3L laminate to make it just as tough as before, but now quieter and more supple.

To earn the Arc'teryx SV (severe weather) moniker, the Alpha SV jacket had to be tough. And, of course, this is Arc'teryx, so when we say tough, we mean bulletproof. The jacket's main body fabric is N80p-Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer. N80p is a high-density nylon weave. The high-density construction minimizes the yarns' exposure to abrasion, which reduces damage to filaments to maintain surface integrity. A durable micro-grid woven backer reduces weight and further resists abrasion. What all that means is years of guaranteed waterproof breathable service, even in the harshest conditions.

The Alpha SV is more than tough fabric, however. It's designed to work in perfect harmony with climbing harnesses and backpacks. This means the chest vent pockets and underarm zipper vents are designed out of the way of waist belts and shoulder straps, and the removable HemLock inserts keep the jacket in position when worn underneath a climbing harness. The hood and underarm zippers are designed for one-hand use for easy operation in tight spots. Of course, the Alpha SV is equipped with stormproof zippers throughout.

  • Gore-Tex Pro 3L
  • Ultra-durable N80p high-density nylon weave
  • Athletic fit, waist-length
  • Underarm zipper vents, chest pocket mesh vents
  • Fixed, helmet-compatible Storm Hood
  • Waterproof zippers throughout
  • Adjustable hem and cuffs
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Alpha SV works great in wet conditions

Some great climbing in Ouray using Arcteryx Alpha SV, truly shines under heavy exertion and very wet conditions.

Alpha SV works great in wet conditions

What size? I am 6'1" and weigh 183. Tried a large in the store and it was large. But I have not tried this one. I think I should do a medium? Thoughts? Does this have a powder belt or not for powder days skiing?

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You're sounding fairly similar to my build at 6'0'' and 185lbs.

What is your chest and waist measurements? Did you have any layers on when you tried the jacket on? What part of the jacket fit big on you? Arms? Chest? Waist? etc

The Alpha series from Arc'teryx won't have a powder skirt on the jackets as they're intended more for alpine/climbing.

Let me know if you've got other questions.

Question is, if I wear a large in North Face Jackets, I have plenty of room for multiple layers, which is what I am trying to get away from, would you think I should order a Medium based on the comments of purchasers, my arm length is 34-35, 5' 11' - 170 lbs?

Thank you,

Maybe! I have this in XL (Which is my normal size) and it's a little baggy without the layers. But then again, I'm not sure I ever have this on without the layers.

Hi there. I am currently living in Sydney. I am wondering whether you can ship garments to Australia? How long will it take? How much is the shipping cost?

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Hey Claudia,

While we can definitely ship to Australia, we can't ship Arc'teryx products outside of the U.S. because of Vendor Trade Restrictions. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss your options.

Kyle L. - Expert Gearhead

I am thinking of getting this jacket but I am not sure about the size. I am 148 pounds, around 5' 9" (175 cm). Not 100 % sure about chest size, but around 94-95 cm (about 37in). A stated in the size chart, that would be between an XS and S, but not sure when it comes to layering.

I would like to get one or perhaps two layers under the jacket. My main activities are backcountry skiing, nordic (touring) skiing and hiking in the summer and fall. So a year round jacket.

Thankful for any input!

Hey C. Jenk,

The Alpha SV Jacket is Arc'teryx's Athletic or Standard fit. It is designed to accommodate some layering underneath. Based on your measurements I would recommend a Small so you can layer a Down or Synthetic insulating jacket easily.

Feel free to contact me directly with any more questions about the Alpha SV or if you are interested in setting up an order.


Expert Gearhead



Thank you, appreciate it! Going to think about it!

I have a Cerium LT hooded jacket in XL ,....will this Alpha SV fit well as a shell ?....In an XL size ?

Hey Gregory,

The Cerium LT is a trim fit and will work perfectly as an insulating layer under the Alpha SV since it is an athletic fit. Especially if you are using both in an XL.

Feel free to shoot me any questions about Arc'teryx Jackets:


Expert Gearhead



I am looking between the beta AR or alpha SV. How are the fits different? For the Beta, a medium was a tiny bit too small and a large was a tiny bit too big. Would a medium SV be a bit bigger than a medium Beta or should I go a large? I have nowhere to try one on.

I've found that the Alpha SV will be a little longer than the Beta AR. The sleeves and rest o the body will fit almost the same, but you will notice more length.

I'm wanting to pull the trigger on this Alpha SV but hanging in the balance between the Small and Medium. My body characteristics are the following:

5'9, 175lbs, very toned physique

Normally, I purchase chest sizes at a 38 and usually Mediums shirts.

Any assistance would be great and I'll pull the trigger to purchase.

Thanks so much!



Most definitely go for the medium. I'm 5'9" 140lbs and my small Alpha fits me perfectly with a thinner layer like an Atom LT underneath. If I were any bigger, especially in the shoulders, I'd size up to a medium.

ARC'TERYX Fall 2012 Alpha SV Jacket

ARC'TERYX Fall 2012 Alpha SV Jacket

I have two questions: 1. )Did Arcteryx change the fit on this jacket from "expedition" to "athletic"? About a year ago I tried on a 2013 Alpha SV, and found I had to choose between sleeves that were too short, or a body that was too baggy (even with extra layers underneath). Would be really excited to learn that they revised the fit to make this jacket better proportioned, and would definitely buy one immediately.

2.) Has anyone seen the new oxblood color? Does it look like more of a dark red, or more of a rusty orange? Sometimes it is hard to tell on the screen. Thanks!

It's more of a dark crimson. I sell them in my store. Great color really.

Hey! I'm 6ft and 2.4 inches. Should I get...


I'm 6ft and 2.4 inches. Should I get a medium or large? I weight 174 lbs. thanks!

Hey Carlos,

The key measurement for sizing jackets is your chest measurement. If you find a friend to help or if you can get that measurement on your own we have provide a size chart with the ideal spec listed for this jacket. Or if after you get your chest measurement and you still need any help picking out a size please feel free to chat in with one of our Gearheads and they will have a quick answer for you.

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Go large Carlos, I'm 6"1' and 180 lbs and I felt the medium was too restrictive for climbing.

Carlos, you should definitely get a large. I am 6' 1" , 175 pounds or so and initially ordered the medium. It was too small to put on any layers underneath and I returned it. The large fits perfectly.

Double post: I'm venturing into more...

Double post:

I'm venturing into more highly technical gear... Goal is to mountaineer snowboarding. I'd like to get my first Arc jacket as one that will last. I'll use it for multiple purposes and I have been trying to figure out which I should get... Alpha SV, Alpha LT, or Theta AR??? Price seems to all be about the same (SV a little higher). Help please...

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Hey Richard!

I can help you out with that. Really all depends on your climate, and what your intended use is. I am sending you an email with some more info.

The easiest way to think of it is:

LT-lightweight, more minimal less features

AR-All around, perfect for everyday use in the mountains

SV-Severe weather, built for the worst storms and most brutal conditions

has anyone used this jacket in wet weather?...

has anyone used this jacket in wet weather? I'd love to know how this jacket performs in serious rainy situations, thanks!

This guy is a little goofy...going on his trip...but, he is wearing the Alpha SV and during the video it becomes very in-climate weather. He speaks to the incredible performance of his SV.


Hope that helps. I just ordered one of these based on numerous amazing reviews.

If that link doesn't work...cut and paste this title in Youtube.

Arc'teryx Alpha SV in a Real Life Situation (Video by Critter)

New colours F14


New colours F14

Also for fall 14

Oxblood (deep red) and Mantis green.

I am 6ft 170lbs do you think I should go...

I am 6ft 170lbs do you think I should go with a medium or a large?

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I would say you would want a medium. I am 6 foot 175 and a medium fits with some room... You may be able to squeeze into a small but the shoulders are generally too narrow for people 6 feet tall.

Thanks! How it is comparing to Alpha FL or Alpha SL? For FL and SL I definitely need L., sleeves are too short for me and chest is very tight...


The Alpha SL and FL are much more trim fitting jackets. I usually wear a size up compared to my SV jackets.

If you have a broad chest and long arms you may want to look to the large, but judging from your height and weight I would agree with Robert above in that the medium Alpha SV should fit you well.

Says it's bulletproof up to what caliber?...

Says it's bulletproof up to what caliber?

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It's a figure of speech. It's not literally bulletproof.

Good question!!! :-) Keep em' honest with truth in advertising. If bullet proof is a figure of speech, I wonder how seriously I can take it when they say it is waterproof! Seriously. Just the fact, ma'am.

How would it handle a bullet made of water? That's what's at issue here counselor!

The Alpha SV is impervious to bullets made of water.

My girlfriend has the ladies jacket, and the waist strap on it wore out in just one season of snow boarding in wa. She's prob above average, and we go about 20 times a season. When we brought it in to the arteryx store they replaced it. With a new one and the manager said that it was an ongoing issue. When it happened again to her replacement jacket, at the exact same spot we figured it was a technical problem. And when she brought it back to them again they told us they "fired the guy who allowed it to be replaced" and said they won't do anything about it but repair it for $40 US dollars. So when they claim it's bullet proof it's "BULLSHIT" don't believe the hype. You're better off going with north face marmot or any other worthy company. For them to not honor their lifetime warranty is completely unacceptable. I've never had a warranty problem with "north face" gear. I'll say it again "don't believe the hype" I feel like I've been ripped off. Good luck

Where did your girlfriend buy the jacket from? My jacket has the same problem.

Arcteryx Alpha SV

Cuff Detail

 Arcteryx Alpha SV

Arcteryx Alpha SV

Inner Fabric Face/Taping Detail

 Arcteryx Alpha SV

Arcteryx Alpha SV

Label Detail

+1 For 'Made in Canada"!

 Arcteryx Alpha SV

I just got mine today and it is still 'Made in Canada'. +1