AlpinestarsBionic Tech Mountain Bike Jacket

Suit up for battle.

Softening the sting of consequential falls when you're crushing over downhill rock gardens, flying off park hits, and dropping into what others deem "stunningly stupid," the Alpinestars Bionic Tech Mountain Bike Jacket combines critical protection of vitals with a lightweight, well-ventilated design. Grid-like fabric is burly enough to withstand serious thrashings on a regular basis, yet it remains comfortable by actively breathing as you work up a sweat. The sleeves are removable for a cooler feel, meaning you'll actually want to wear this protection when toasty temperatures threaten to roast your upper body.

Seeing as how your back serves as a critical zone of interconnected nerves and muscle groups, the Bionic Tech Jacket features a back protector that's essential when you need it and removable when you don't. Removable EVA pads take the brunt of impact force along the shoulders, chest, and kidneys, all without sacrificing movement when mobility is key to stomping your line. To ensure a solid fit, this protective jacket uses elastic cords along the sleeves, pull-tabs over the shoulders, and a V-strap kidney belt across your mid-section.

  • Protection from downhill runs and bike park antics
  • Grid-like fabric is breathable and lightweight
  • Cordura panels ensure abrasion-resistance
  • Detachable back protector for burlier impacts
  • Removable EVA padding at shoulders, chest, kidneys
  • Detachable sleeves for comfort in warm conditions
  • Cross Lacing cords at sleeves, pull-tabs at shoulders
  • V-strap kidney belt for a secure fit around waist
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