Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Adventure Medical packed a bunch of survival tools in its Pocket Survival Pak so you can stay safe whenever you head outdoors. This tiny pack contains the essentials to help you survive when you get lost, abandoned, or stranded somewhere outside whether you're backpacking, hiking, camping, climbing, boating, or even backcountry skiing. Some of these essentials include a Rescue Flash Mirror that can signal others for up to thirty miles, a Rescue Howler Whistle that can be heard from up to one mile away, a Spark-Lite Firestarter that produces up to 5,000 sparks, and Tinder-Quick waterproof tinder that burns up to two minutes even if it's wet. This pack contains much more, plus instructions by the Executive Director of the Equipped to Survive Foundation, which has detailed instructions on every tool in the pack and how you can use it best.

  • Rescue Flash Mirror
  • Rescue Howler Whistle
  • Spark-Lite Firestarter
  • Tinder-Quick waterproof tinder
  • Compass
  • Fish hooks, cords, wire, scalpel
  • Waterproof survival instructions
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