• Adventure Medical - Natrapel 8-Hour Wipes - 12 Pack - One Color
  • Adventure Medical - Natrapel 8-Hour Wipes - 12 Pack - One Color
Adventure Medical - Natrapel 8-Hour Wipes - 12 PackView Larger Image

Adventure Medical Natrapel 8-Hour Wipes - 12 Pack

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Tech Specs

Recommended Use:
protecting against insects

DEET-free protection in a handy wipe design.

Before you become a mosquito buffet, bust out the Natrapel Wipes Insect Repellant and enjoy eight hours of bug-free bliss. The DEET-free formula in these wipes has been proven as effective as DEET without the dangerous side effects, and keeps away everything from horse flies to ticks.

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It works!

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This stuff really works! And the packets are super convenient for tossing in a purse or bag. Plus, you can take them in your carry on without having to pull them out to go through security! WIN!

New Preferred Repellant

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I was really excited when Backcountry started carrying these. I had gotten a sample of these in a Cairn box and quickly used all of them. It seems to work just as well as Deet on mosquitos but doesn't feel nearly as gross. I also like that Picaridin doesn't affect certain fabrics like Deet does. I also feel like I get better coverage with a wipe over a spray. This is what I reach for in almost any situation now.


    These are so easy to take in a purse, pocket, or to pack for vacation.

    Kept Zika at bay

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    We took this and the Natrapel spray with us to Puerto Rico, and it definitely worked in keeping the mosquitos away. These are convenient to carry in pockets or purses, and great for a quick fix while out and about, but they seemed to dry out pretty fast. I had a hard time hitting all my exposed areas with one of these before it dried.

    Alternative to DEET

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I hate the typical bug sprays, they make me feel all gross and like my skin might melt from the DEET. Picked these up as an alternative, and couldn't be any happier. They work just as well as the nasty stuff- which is saying something considering I'm pretty sure all bugs within a mile radius can smell me and flock my way. Plus you can make one wipe last for more coverage than you would think. I have pretty sensitive skin and these don't cause any irritation, definitely my go-to for buggy times

    No miracle

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    These wipes are convenient to stash and worked for the most part on our hikes in SE Alaska. (Mosquitoes weren't too active, but biting gnats were.)

    They were still a bit too oily for my liking -- yucky for my face and it transferred to my clothing -- but it's better than those annoying bites!

    Lastly, the smell was OK, a little floral.

    Work Great

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    These work great. They kept the bugs off me and they actually smell good too. After a few days in the backcountry, a nice scent is always refreshing. I was able to use 1 wipe for my arms and neck and 1 on my legs. They are lighter than carrying a bottle of liquid if you worry about weight and they are much smaller to pack. I give them 2 thumbs up.

    A good alternative to spraying your face with bug spray

      The only reason I picked these up was to be able to protect my face and ears from the bug onslaught that I would no doubt face when I visited Guatemala. I've always hated showering my face with bug spray's and these seemed like a great way to avoid having to taste bug spray on my lips all day long. As for how effective they are, I can't give you a rating. All I can say is that my face never got bit and my lips tasted fresh all day long. Didn't seem to have issues with sweat washing away the protection either.


      AMK Marketing rep Katie Singleton takes you through the Natrapel 8-hour range of insect repellents. Natrapel 8-hour is a DEET-free formula that provides up to 8 hours of protection from bugs and is safe to use around outdoor and fishing gear.

      Wow.... No Deat and No Bugs!!

        This stuff works... Amazingly! Was backpacking in the High Uintahs and set up camp in a moist meadow. Everyone, but me, was being mobbed by bugs. These wipes seemed to put a bug force field around my body. Best part about them; they aren't greasy at all. Will buy in the future and would recommend them to anyone.

        Get off the DEET train...

          This is my bug repellant of choice. I'm just not a fan of DEET, because as effective as it can be, I don't like all the warning labels, melted plastics, eroded synthetic clothing, and skin-burning sensations that can accompany it.

          I used this in the Eastern Sierra last year, which was a banner year for mosquitoes (think thick black clouds), and had great results. I also like the small size of these and of the one ounce spray bottle, it doesn't take up much room or weigh a lot in my pack. These are good for applying to areas where you want to be precise, or if you prefer the wipes to a spray.

          If you are giving any thought to getting off of the DEET train, give this stuff a shot.

          I wanted to know if this product was safe...

          I wanted to know if this product was safe to use on my 7 month old?

          Best Answer

          Natrapel uses a non-DEET formula containing Picaridin. Neither the CDC, nor the Amer. Pediatric Assn. has any regulations or warnings restricting the use of Picaridin in children of any age. The CDC website has some great info.: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/westnile/qa/insect_repellent.htm One rule of thumb (bad pun): Never put repellent on a small child's hands as they are likely to put it in their mouth.

          My wife is the DEET Nazi

            I'd drink DEET if it would keep the bugs away but my wife is into natural remedies so she got me some of this stuff. I don't know about the 12 hour thing but this stuff did what it was supposed to and kept the bugs off me while setting up camp, cooking and so on. It didn't have the strong DEET chemical smell either.

            Write your question here...Is there deet...

            Write your question here...Is there deet in this repellent? If so, how much?

            No. It is DEET free.

            Best Answer

            Yes, DEET free, but not truly natural. Adventure Medical uses Picaridin, which works as well as DEET without the bad qualities of DEET (nylon-melting, etc.) It's recommended by the CDC against West Nile mosquitoes. And is safe for kiddies!