Bar bags and saddle bags have their perks, but there are no doubt limits, and when it comes to versatility you might feel a little trapped stuffing packs. With the AcePac Saddle Grab you can open up the options, strapping it securely to your seat post and saddle rails, and stuffing it with sleeping bags, mats, your ultra-light tent, the options are limitless. Because it works as a nest to hold gear, not a closed pack, you can pack in more gear than your average saddle bag, freeing up more room for snacks, water, and the essential titanium mug. The Saddle Grab works like a nice little hammock for gear, and is crafted from durable Cordura Ecomade Ripstop on the sides, with beefier Tarpaulin and Hypalon in the areas more likely to come into contact with your wheel, mud, and abrasive areas. The depth of the grab can be adjusted as needed with two straps and beefy buckles on the sides, hugging your load snug so a jarring section of chattery trail doesn't toss your sleeping bag out.

  • A saddle grab for packing limitless gear
  • Cradle your gear with 15.5in deep hammock
  • Two adjustable straps cinch down to secure
  • Abraison-prone areas are backed with burly Hypalon
  • Open-back allows you to load up as much gear as you need
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