Surf 4/3 Slant-Zip Fullsuit

You can't help that some of the best waves don't break under a shining sun in warm temperatures. When the water starts to drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (or sooner, if you prefer), don the 7Till8 Surf 4/3 Slant-Zip Fullsuit to stay on your game. Zoned neoprene 3- to 4-millimeters thick insulates your body against the chill of the sea, and 7Till8 added a fleece lining to increase thermal regulation and comfort. The stretchy material moves with you so you can still maximize your session, and it's hydrophobic, so it sheds water and dries quickly once you're back on land. The chest zipper makes the suit easier to get on and off without help, and can be vented and closed easier during on-shore breaks.

  • Full wetsuit for cool-weather surfing
  • 4/3mm of neoprene insulates against cool water
  • Hydrophobic material sheds water and dries quickly
  • Fleece lining is comfortable and adds warmth
  • Stretchy material doesn't impede motion
  • Chest zipper is easy to vent without a struggle
  • 7Till8 recommends their 4/3mm suits for 52-56°F
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