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3T  DiffLock LTD Seatpost - 0 Offset
3T DiffLock LTD Seatpost - 0 Offset

Limited weight, unlimited adjustability.

By replacing the heavier alloy head found on the lower-tier models in its family, 3T slims the DiffLock LTD Seatpost with 0 Offset down by a claimed 5 to 35g, depending on which model you're comparing it to. While calling aluminum heavy and celebrating such apparently trivial weight losses may seem a bit hyperbolic, the DiffLock LTD Seatpost represents one of the final, incremental upgrades toward lighter machine that an XC or enduro racer can take.

One feature that the LTD shares with its heavier cousins is 3T's DiffLock adjustment system. DiffLock involves a series of interlocking splines that let you precisely dial your saddle angle in half-degree increments for a position as customizable as the seatpost is lightweight. It also requires minimal torque force, so your saddle is easy to adjust with a classic multi-tool. Since sliding it fore and aft won't alter the saddle angle, you can use the DiffLock's full range without worrying that adjustments will affect your preferred setup.

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