Effortlessly moves through the water.

Previously used exclusively by 2XU professional athletes, the Men's Project X Swim Suit cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter, helping you shave critical time during racing scenarios. 2XU's Hydro-Tech Tri Skin fabric employs Yamamoto's latest technology to lessen the suit's drag coefficient as you move through across water and air.

The remainder of the suit employs paper-thin Tri Skin fabric for optimal breathability, so you won't drop like a fly after pushing your limits during a race. Ultimately, the Project X Swim Suit is fast in the water and across land, helping you shave precious time from triathlon stages without wrecking havoc on your body's ability to regulate its temperature. Plus, it's fully compliant with both USAT and WTC, so you won't be booted for wearing it during a race.

  • Lessens your drag coefficient while triathlon racing
  • Hydro-Tech Tri Skin with Yamamoto's latest technology
  • Paper-thin Tri Skin fabric for optimal breathability
  • Upper-back zipper with garage for entry and exit
  • Compliant with USAT and WTC for triathlon use
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