100%iTrack Glove - Kids'

Minimalist mastery.

Look no further than the 100% Kids' iTrack Glove for the utmost in flexibility, bar feel, and tactile grip required for up-and-coming riders learning the basics of trail riding. The iTrack Glove features a perforated single-layer palm for superior grip and bar feel, along with an Airprene slip-on cuff for a secure fit.

Silicone overlays along the palm enhance the grip of the glove, especially in wet conditions encountered in spring and autumn. There's a bit of thumb padding, which prevents blisters when they're holding on for dear life on wicked descents and rocky sections of trail. It's finished with polyester mesh along the backside, which breathes exceptionally well on those stifling-hot rides where sweating is inevitable.

  • Minimalist trail glove with excellent bar feel and grip
  • Single-layer palm promotes tactile grip and dexterity
  • Polyester mesh along backside for extra ventilation
  • 3mm foam padding along thumb prevents irritation
  • Silicone overlay along palm for non-slip grip
  • Slip-on Airprene cuff remains secure
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