100%Hydromatic Glove - Men's

Pruney hands no more.

For adventurous trail riders, riding in wet, sloppy conditions is just par for the course, especially if you're located in a coastal forest or high-elevation climate that receives copious amounts of precipitation throughout the year. Just the remedy for your wet-weather riding, the 100% Hydromatic Glove seals out soaking-wet conditions from turning your hands into pruney mess while you're riding for hours at a time.

Like its name implies, the Hydromatic Glove features a waterproof, breathable membrane and laminated mock-mesh construction. This means your hands will remain totally dry and comfortable without succumbing to soaking-wet conditions on the trail. Furthermore, this construction is fully breathable, so your hands won't overheat when the sun shows face and temperatures slowly rise after a morning of rain and clouds.

  • Fully waterproof trail gloves for riding in wet conditions
  • Waterproof, breathable membrane keeps your hands totally dry
  • Laminated mock-mesh breathes well without letting water inside
  • Conductive index finger and thumb for using your smartphone
  • Silicone printed palm and trigger fingers for tactile grip
  • Waterproof cuff fits tightly to keep moisture out
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